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How To Get Your Best At Home Hair Color | My Strawberry Blonde Formula + Grey Coverage Tips

I’ve been getting a ton of questions on my current formula and tricks to covering greys.  This has been my most requested post topic lately and I’m really happy to be able to share the info!

I filmed a whole tutorial and had this gorgeous red lipstick on in it and was all ready to rock n’ roll with that tutorial …. except, when I went to go edit it, the entire end of the video was cut off.  Frustrating, but what are you going to do?

So before filming it again, I touched up my color and added my color to the bottle in a different order than how I had been.  And my color came out the BEST, in my personal opinion, that it’s ever come out. I’m so glad that other video didn’t turn out right because this new one has all the info and tips for getting this exact shade.

I also included a ton of info, for all hair shades, that are my best tips for at-home color.  I’ve been dyeing my hair now for 16 years, crazy!

The video is pretty detailed.  I really hope it’s helpful.



Summary | Watch the video above now and bookmark this page for the next time you color.

Tips for Great Color

1 | Best Bottle in the Biz

I’ve tried so many bottles when it’s come to color. Within one use I knew: the plastic was too hard to be able to squeeze it enough to get the color out, the nozzle was too small, or the bottle wasn’t big enough to hold all the formula.

This bottle is the best.  Nothing but net, baby!  (aka, it’s a slam dunk, haha!)

2 | Order Matters

Maaaaaan, oh man.  I wish I had figured this out way sooner, but that’s the process of trial-and-error.  Putting the red dye in first has controlled the outcome so much better!

3 | Best Brush in the Biz

A pattern has emerged.  I truly thought all color accessories were created equal when I first started coloring my hair.  Oh how wrong I was.  This brush parts my hair in the cleanest lines, which makes sure the color is evenly placed and I don’t miss any spots.  The brush helps push the color into the roots, which helps cover any greys and helps the color come out richer.

Grey Coverage:

1 | Use a Gel formula.  They cover greys much better than liquids!

2 | Dip a q-tip into your developer and brush a small amount over resistant greys.  Leave this on for an extra minute or two, before you add the dye to your roots.  It will help those greys fade/blend more naturally.

Strawberry Blonde Formula:

My exact formula and order goes like this:

1 | Apply coconut oil to 2-3 inches on ends of hair

2 | Put on plastic gloves (if you leave the excess coconut oil on your hands, it becomes a mini deep conditioning treatment for your cuticles)

3 | Add 4-5 drops of 7G, Sunlit Blonde to applicator bottle.

4 | Fill to the 1.5 ounce line (exactly) with 8RG, Titian Red Blonde.

5 | Add 2 ounces of 8G, Golden Blonde to the bottle.

6 | Add 7 ounces of developer, Level 20, to the bottle.  Wella Color Charm is a 2:1 formula, so you add twice as much developer as you did dye.

You will have 3.5 ounces of color and 7 ounces of developer in the applicator bottle, for 10.5 ounces total.

Shake it up until the formula is totally mixed.  This part is really important.  You don’t want any pockets of unmixed color to get onto you hair, so really shake the bottle up.

7| Apply to roots for 30 minutes and then the ends for 4-5 minutes.

Make sure to watch the video for the last point and explanation of “A.B.T.”

These are the size of the drops I use for the 7G shade:

drop size drop size

Shop the Formula:

I get everything from Sally’s Beauty.   I generally buy 2-3 boxes of each shade, just in case I need extra.  Then I have it ready for next time.  I’ve used dye from an open tube for up to 4-6 weeks.  As I don’t use the full tube of each shade, I always store the tube for the next color, for up to 6 weeks, then after that I toss it out.

Shop the Formula

8 G Light Golden Blonde

8 RG Titian Red Blonde

7 G Sunlit Blonde

level 20 developer

mixing bottle I like this one because it has the ounces listed on the side, just wish it were bigger!

coloring brush

coconut oil

plastic gloves

These are my affiliate links.  I do make a small commission when you use them to order, at no additional cost to you.  I really appreciate when you use them when you purchase or repurchase as they help support the blog and allow me to create new posts for you!

Shop the Post |


Inspo Pics (Pin for later!)

strawberry blonde hair braided

Added a few pieces of my girlgetglamorousHAIR extensions to make the braid extra long and thick!

strawberrry blonde hair at home diy inspo formula girl get glamorous hair

strawberrry blonde hair at home diy inspo formula girl get glamorous hair


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Thank you so much for watching + being a part of the blog!  I really hope this is helpful and answers a ton of questions on at home color and the strawberry blonde formula I’ve been using.

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Kate Mullin

Wednesday 2nd of June 2021

You are very talented, and everyone would love your hair. Thank you for doing these posts. I have a question, I have premature WHITE hair from 18 years old, and am tired of coloring it blonde. I am not sure how to start. There is no pigment in my hair, so I can't follow the grey info. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I was a medium blonde before I went white. Please help.


Thursday 26th of December 2019

I use this formula religiously... Thank you for sharing. However, I can never get it right when I'm just mixing enough to touch up my roots. Any advice?

Sarah Sharpe

Friday 11th of January 2019

This is good to know. I recently bleached my hair for 45 minutes to 1 hour and then used purple shampoo then the honey beige blonde toner and it came out like a strawberry blonde so I decided I really liked it but I am going to write down your formula too just in case as it looks really pretty. I had thought about using t10 wella pale blonde to put in highlights but haven't done that yet. Thank you for your strawberry blonde adventures and info! I loved it!

Marilyn Jones

Thursday 29th of November 2018

Hi Molly I love your colour my natural colour is dark auburn but for many years I've been blond really fed up with it now so I'm going to do your strawberry blonde with the wella col charm I'm medium blonde with grey roots would you put it on roots first or just try it all over

Kristina Koontz Ainsworth

Monday 15th of October 2018

THIS WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!!! Gorgeous color using the exact formula on the first try. THANK YOU!

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