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/ August 22, 2016

Rootflage Root Touch Up Powder | Review + Demo of Strawberry Blonde

Sometimes a product will come into my life and I know it’s special.  Rootflage Strawberry Blonde root touch up powder was one of those products.

It took me a few tries to get perfect technique for me to use it, but I kept pushing through because I had this feeling it would become a go-to for me.  I’m so glad I did because I now I can’t imagine living without it!

Rootflage is a touch up powder for grey roots and hair color roots.  It comes in either a bottle with a pink brush attached and a mini angled brush in the package or a refill canister.  The powder portion for both options is 10 grams.  The package retails for $21.99 and the refill container retails for $15.99.

My first two thoughts when I first opened the Rootflage in “Strawberry Blonde” (formerly called “Light Auburn”:

1: flawless shade of strawberry blonde!  So spot on. Perfect blend of blonde and red tones.  It comes in 12 shades, which is way more than most touch up sprays/powders.  There is definitely a match for everyone.

2: I love that there is a slight shimmer to the product.  It’s not glitter, but there is a sheen to the hair that matches the natural shimmer of hair.  Sometimes powders and dry shampoos can be so matte that it looks unnatural, so this bit of shimmer makes Rootflage blend so naturally with your own hair.

rootflage light auburn root touch up powder

As I was saying, it took me a few tries to get my application down.  It would have helped me majorly if I had read the directions that came inside the package.  I usually I read every single package insert from cover to cover, but the card just looked like a list of ingredients (which truthfully kind of bore me) so I skipped it, not noticing that the directions were on the other side.

To use:

You are supposed to hold the card over your part and brush the powder down vertically into your hair to blend your roots for a natural look.

I found the quickest way is to hold a section of your hair away from your hair and run the brush horizontally over your roots.

But I found that by far my favorite method in terms of finished look and speed is to take the lid off and use with a miniature fan brush.  I got mine in the nail art section at Sally’s but you can find mini fan brushes on the e.l.f. website or Amazon. I dip the fan brush into a bit of powder, then run that along my roots and the edge of my face.

Using the mini fan brush gives me quick coverage but also more control of exactly where the product goes.  I can do my whole part and around my face in less than 90 seconds now.

I found that I have been using Rootflage not only to cover up my grey hairs, but also to fill in my hairline around my face, which makes your hair look fuller.  I notice a huge difference is how full my hair looks around my face and it evens out the look of my hairline.

rootflage light auburn root touch up powder

If you are nervous about the powder running when you get sweaty, you can set it with a bit of hairspray.  I don’t usually set it, to be honest, and have never had a problem with the powder running, even when I work out (LIKE A BEAST.)


Powders are such a good value, I find that they last me so long.  I’ve been using this product weekly for months and my container is still 75% full.  Because I’m pretty much only using the fan brush method now, next time I will just purchase the refill container and use that, dipping the brush into the product, tapping it onto the lid, then applying.  I think $15.99 for a refill is a great price.  Especially considering the quality of the product is so amazing.  


The only downside I found to the product is that the bristles on my brush started to get a little misshapen and it’s hard to put the lid back on.  I’ve had mine now for months and this just started to happen. I think I was pretty aggressive with the application at first and this get the bristles a little twisted.

But honestly, I plan to just use the fan brush method in the future and purchase the refill container only, so it doesn’t really bother me that much.

Overall: this is a must have product.  Even if you don’t have grey hair or roots, it makes a huge difference in filling in the look of your hair line.  The color range is fantastic and the price is amazing also.  I love this product and highly, highly recommend it!

Here is a video demo and a {bonus video} where you can see me using Rootflage to fill in my hairline.


You can find Rootflage in their official Amazon store (re: all authentic products directly sold by Rootflage).

Thank you for reading!  Let me know if your try Rootflage and what you think.  Have you ever filled in your hairline before?

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  1. Hello 🙂 do you still recommend this for good gray coverage, or do you like the Clairol better? Also, have you tried ColorWow? I bought it, am happy with the color (I am strawberry blond, but probably slightly lighter and less red than you), but not the gray coverage. I am wondering if the Clairol hair powder, that is packaged similarly to the ColorWow, actually covers gray better?
    Thank you!

  2. You don’t actually mention the exact Rootflage color?–they don’t have one named “strawberry blonde”. It is the “copper penny”?

  3. Hello! Question for you. Does an application last a day or until you wash your hair again? Forgive me if the question has been answered and I didn’t catch it!