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/ August 6, 2015

Style Edit Root Touch Up Spray in Auburn | Review + Demo

Root touch up sprays are one of those things that I wish I had known about forever.  I started going grey (like everyone in my family) around 19 or 20 years old.

But I didn’t know about root sprays so I would either just have roots or touch up my hair every 3 or 4 weeks.

I get a stripe about three weeks after coloring that just looks like I have a bald strip down my head.  Root touch up sprays are now my hair saver.


I found Rita Hazan’s root touch up spray at Sephora and loved it.

It doesn’t bleed and is a natural shade of brighter red.  It retails for $25 plus tax for a 2 oz can, which did feel pricey every time I had to repurchase.  But being out thirty bucks felt way better than having 2 inches of grey roots.

I loved the Rita Hazan formula, but it did feel slightly tacky and was a bit too red for my color.  It still felt better than a grey stripe, though, so I was in.

Shop | StyleEdit 20% off your first order


When I came across this Style Edit spray at the beauty supply store, I was intrigued.

I hadn’t heard of this brand before and honestly hadn’t looked that hard for an alternative to the Rita Hazan.  The sales gal sprayed the Style Edit red shade and another brand (which I can’t remember the name of) onto a tissue and the color was so natural compared to the other sprays!

Color |

The Style Edit was SUCH a gorgeous, natural shade of red.  It has hints of brown in it, which makes it much more wearable for us Strawberry Blondes.  That hint of brown makes it look so much more like real color than a noticeable red cover up.

It’s still slightly darker than my color, but I spray it very lightly to keep the color lighter.  Often on natural hair, the hair closest to the scalp seems slightly darker than the rest of the hair.

Formula |

The Style Edit doesn’t flake or budge one bit.  I’ve done workout classes where the sweat is dripping off my face onto the floor and this stuff does not move.

It only comes off when I put shampoo on it in the shower, then it rinses out completely.  It sort of looks like when you wash your hair for the first time after coloring, the water is slightly reddish then goes clear.

But it doesn’t budge on clothes or pillow cases at all.  I’ve scratched my head a few times and then it will come off where you scratch it, so I have to remind myself to keep my hands out of my hair!

The texture is also amazing.  It’s not tacky or sticky at all.  You can feel there is something there, but it feels more like a light texture spray or dry shampoo which you can run your hands through.  It’s the best formula.  It also comes in Blonde, Lightest Brown, Medium Brown, and Black.

Price |

The price is also amazing.  You get 4 ounces, twice the size of most root touch up sprays, for $24.99.  You can get 20% off your first order using this link: StyleEdit.

Before and After |

Root touch up sprays are heaven sent!  I love grey hair, but you have to go full grey, or else you def look balding as you can see in the “before” shots.


The thin nozzle makes it super easy to control placement.
The thin nozzle makes it super easy to control placement.


I’m so glad I found Style Edit!  I have not gone without it since I found it about 2 months ago.  Style Edit looks and feel so natural and is a great price.

I hope this post helps if you color your hair like me and need a solution in between colorings.  Please feel free to share it on Facebook or Pin any of the photos to Pinterest by hovering about the photo until the “Pin It” button appears.  Thank you for reading and being a part of the blog!

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