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/ August 11, 2015

DHC Skincare Favorites and Giveaway!

Hi, beauties! This has been a GREAT month so far. If you haven’t checked out the DHC website yet, you can see the blog featured here. Also, keep an eye out for me in your catalogue coming soon!


I filmed a fun “get ready with me” tutorial for a night out in San Fransisco with the DHC crew.

And, DHC has taken this whole amazing experience and somehow made it even better by offering to do a giveaway for you all!

It’s crazy good: 5 of my favorite DHC products, worth $183!!

Make sure you enter, the prize is my five of my all time favorite skin-transforming products, you might remember some of them from this post:

1. Olive Virgin Oil
2. Oil Cleansing Oil
3. Extra Concentrate
4. Camu Camu Day Milk SPF 20
5. CoQ10 eye cream

The top three I’ve been using for years and I swear they’ve kept my skin looking way younger. The last two I just discovered this year and I’ve already fallen for them.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support. It really means a lot to me that everyone is so nice on here and I can feel you all cheering. It’s just such a great vibe, so thank you for being a part of it.

NOW MAKE SURE YOU ENTER!!!  The contest runs until August 31st and there are plenty of ways to get extra entries below!

girlgetglamorous x DHC Skincare Favorites Giveaway (Giveaway Closed)

I swear by the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, Olive Virgin Oil, and Extra Concentrate.
I swear by the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, Olive Virgin Oil, and Extra Concentrate.

dhc-best-skincare-top-picks-products-how-to-keep-skin-young-eye-cream-olive-virgin-oil-cleansing-makeup-remover-fine-lines-botox-alternative-los-angeles-beauty-blogger.jpeg dhc-best-skincare-top-picks-products-how-to-keep-skin-young-eye-cream-olive-virgin-oil-cleansing-makeup-remover-fine-lines-botox-alternative-los-angeles-beauty-blogger.jpeg

You can read my travel diary from the DHC shoot in this post.

Thank you again, really and truly.  I can’t tell you how much this experience meant to me and to be able to share it with you all is really heart warming.  Kisses, hugs, and lots of love!





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  1. I just started following you! I absolutely love the product reviews. You are so detailed and honest…. Your blogs are just like reading an email from an excited friend

  2. My favorite post although I’m a total newbie are the product reviews. I always want to know the absolute best items I can get that are worth investing in and you seem to have that touch…like a Glamorous Make-Up FairyGodmother…and you use your wand….a mascara one that is…ahhahaha!

  3. I found your blog because I get the DHC magazine and loved your comments/entire shoot and was really ecstatic when I discovered you have a beauty blog, channel, etc. I am really excited about trying out DHC’s “Camu Camu White Day Milk SPF 20” because of how much you raved about it and saw such an improvement in your skin in a week of using it daily (that’s a big deal!) and instantly when you put it on you skin. I have been searching for a SPF and something that improves the skin’s complexion just as you described. I’m familiar with DHC’s Cleansing Oil (which I adore from the samples I tried and really like their newer addition that came in the magazine of the DHC Pore Cleansing Oil sample…) I’ve never experienced anything like it and that’s what has me hooked. I hope to purchase their oils as soon as I can. I’m a huge fan of their Apricot Face Scrub. With any other scrub I’ve ever used my skin either gets irritated, I break out, or it’s way too harsh…not with this one! Talk about a miracle worker. They seem to have a lot of miracle products. I’m so happy to have found DHC and you! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!! SO HAPPY to have the opportunity to win the products you use. I want them now….(Willy Wonka, much?)

  4. My favorite type of blog post are your reviews. I love how honest and straightforward you are and always find myself genuinely wanting what you’re currently loving! I am also a strawberry blonde so your makeup recs are spot on for me!

  5. I just discovered your blog and so happy I did! Great recommendations, I am officially a new subscriber. : )

  6. I LOVE the DHC cleansing oil and have always heard great things about the CoQ10 eye cream, would love to try it out. The Camu Camu day milk sounds interesting too! Makeup and hair posts are my favorites

  7. I’d love to try this. I’m having very dry skin issues all the sudden and have been wanting to try some oils. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Hi Molly! Perfect timing as I am just running out of the cleansing oil – this is one of the products I tried after your review and I love it! I hope I get to try their other products 🙂 – Kelley

  9. As usual, you’re right on target. Since I was once head of training and makeup artistry for Shu Uemura, I usually use their cleansing oil and have for years. I’ve tried EVERY cleansing oil out there, and DHC cleansing oil is awesome! The brand makes outstanding quality for the price. I swear that cleansing oil (and the Japanese concept of “double cleansing” is the reason people nearly pass out when I tell them I’m 51. Most people think I’m in my 30’s. I love your blog because I feel like you’re the only one out there as picky as I am. You’re the first beauty blogger whose reccomendations are ALWAYS flawless, and you save me $ since a girl can only try so many new products a year without going broke. A big hug and THANK YOU.

    • Hi Lisa! I wish I had known about oils forever. Oils and sunscreen. They really make a difference!! And I have also found DHC’s oils to be the best quality and also more affordable than most. I always love seeing your comments, thank you! xo – Molly