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/ April 17, 2020

Affordable Root Touch Up Sprays + Powders for Grey Hair | Review + Shade Try On

Root touch up sprays and powders are a great way to get rid of grey hair in seconds, without having to use dyes.  They are the perfect way to temporarily cover your roots in between seeing your colorist.

Even if you color your hair at home like me, root touch up sprays are a great way to stretch the time in between each coloring, which can help keep your hair healthier. 

Instead of coloring my hair every 3-4 weeks, I use root touch up spray to stretch it to last least 6 weeks now, and my hair feels so much softer.

In the video, I also share my tips for how to apply root touch up products for the most natural blend. 


It is surprisingly so much harder to get a natural looking blend with lighter hair.  When my hair was copper, the red touch up shades matched perfectly and seemed to cover grey hair more easily.

Now that I have strawberry blonde again (even with great quality color saving shampoos and conditioners) the red in my hair still fades to a very light strawberry golden blonde by week 4-5. 

I ordered a range of medium blonde, strawberry blonde, and red products just to test out a few different formulas and shades.  My point: order the root touch up shade in the color that your hair fades to, not the color that it is when freshly colored.

I couldn’t find pictures online anywhere of the root touch up shades on real people, so I hope these are helpful!

Shop | Amazon Affordable Root Touch Up Products



Sprays seem to last me about 3 uses per ounce.  So a 2.0 ounce can lasts me 6+ uses. 

Sprays last until you shampoo your hair.  I shampoo 1-2 times a week.

Sprays are the fastest option and do seem to cover my grey better. They don’t run or drip while I am working out and they don’t rub off into my pillow.

The texture of sprays varies from brand-to-brand, but most will feel like an extremely lightweight texture spray.

Powders last months and they are a more economical option for root touch ups.  Many root touch up powders last 30-60 uses.

They also seem to have a wider range of colors available in powder formulas.  They are formulated to be more pigmented than a brow powder.

Grey coverage really varies from brand-to-brand with powders.  You’ll be able to see this in the video.

Powder also takes a little longer to apply and they are applied with a brush.  Brands with higher grey coverage formulas and more dense brushes are faster to apply for me. 

I’ve noticed that powders last on me through workouts and sleeping without coming off on my pillow.  But I do have to reapply and touch up the powder the next day for coverage. 

All the powders I have tried have a very silky texture and I can still run my hands through my hair.






1 | L’oreal Magic Root Cover Spray

– 2.0 oz can for $10

  • fine tip nozzle
  • 5 shades available
  • shade used: Light to Medium Blonde
  • shop online at | amazon . ulta beauty

shop |

Texture |  very tacky and almost rubbery, I was very surprised!  I generally love everything from L’oreal but this formula didn’t work for me.

Color |  I bought the wrong shade, so it’s hard to say.

Finish | Matte

Longevity |  Lasts until the next shampoo

loreal magic root


2 | Clairol Root Touch Spray (my favorite)

  • 2 cans 1.8 oz each for 3.6 oz total for $10
  • fine tip nozzle
  • 5 shades available
  • shade used: Medium to Dark Blonde
  • shop online at | amazon . eBay. ulta beauty

shop |

Texture |  This spray has a very lightweight feeling, almost like a very light texture spray.  Easy to wear.

Color | I LOVE this shade.  I was surprised (in a good way) about how much darker than it looks on the can.  This shade really works for me and looks really natural, even more so in person or on an iPhone!

Finish | Matte

Longevity |  Lasts until the next shampoo

clairol medium blonde root spray


3 | Everpro Grey Away Root Touch Up Spray

  • 1.5oz for $9
  • fine tip nozzle
  • 3 shades available
  • shade used: Lightest Brown to Medium Blonde
  • shop online at | amazon . ulta beauty

shop |

Texture | This spray has a very lightweight feeling, almost like a very light texture spray.  Easy to wear.

Color |  this was the lightest shade they offer and it was very dark on me.  In person it looks like a medium to darker brown shade.

Finish | Matte

Longevity |  Lasts until the next shampoo

everpro medium blonde swatch


4 | Salon Graphix Beam Intense Spray

  • 2.7oz for $8
  • traditional spray nozzle
  • 15 shades available
  • shade used: #53 Honey Blonde
  • shop online at | amazon . eBay

shop |

Texture |  Very lightweight, slight texture.

Color | a very bright golden reddish blonde.  I LOVE this shade for extra light Strawberry Blondes.  If you start out a lighter strawberry blonde and fade more from there, this would be a great shade for you. 

Finish | Satin with some metallic tones

Longevity | Lasts until the next shampoo


5 | Rootflage Root Touch Up Powder

  • 3.5 oz powder for either $23 with a brush, or $16 for refill powder only (can use own brush with refill)
  • apply with brush on top of bottle or own brush
  • 12 shades available
  • shade used: Strawberry Blonde
  • shop online at | amazon

shop |

Texture | slightly textured powder.  Like a lightweight dry shampoo.

Color |  A perfect, perfect Strawberry Blonde shade and a huge range of colors.  My only wish is that this formula had more grey coverage. I do love that the formula has a satin finish, so that it reflects light like natural hair. 

Finish |  Satin

Longevity |  About 50% lasts until the net day.  I do have to do daily touch ups with this powder.

rootflage strawberry blonde


6 | Clairol Root Touch Up Powder

  • .07 oz pressed powder for $5-$10, comes with a brush and mirror
  • 6 shades available
  • shade used: red
  • shop online at | amazon . eBay

shop |

Texture |  Super silky powder!

Color |  I ordered the wrong shade, I didn’t know if I’d be more of the red or blonde from Clairol.  But I loved the grey coverage, it was incredible and the small, dense brush makes it so fast to apply.  I ordered the blonde shade to try and will update this post when it arrives.

Finish | Matte

Longevity | seems to last until the next shampoo, with some fading from day-to-day.

clairol red root powder


7 | StyleEdit Root Touch Up Spray

  • 4 oz for $24.99 (this bottle is twice the size of most of the other sprays I ordered, so it makes it actually really affordable when you look at it by how much product you are getting.)
  • 7 shades available
  • shade used: previously – auburn.  I ordered Dark Blonde to test.
  • shop online at | amazon . StyleEdit (20% off first order with this link)

Texture | This spray has a very lightweight feeling, almost like a very light texture spray.  Easy to wear.

Color |  I previously used Auburn when I had copper hair, see photo below.  I ordered Dark Blonde and didn’t receive before I shot the video.  I will update with swatches once I do.

Finish | Matte

Longevity |  Lasts until the next shampoo

Related Post | Review + Photos of StyleEdit Root Touch Up Spray

styleedit auburn swatch


This post contains my affiliate links after: “shop online”, which means if you make a purchase using that link, I make a small commission, at no charge to you.  You pay the same price for the product.

It would be like if the restaurant tipped your waiter for you after the meal. 

I really appreciate when you use them, thank you!  I use those commissions to purchase products to create new posts and reviews.  The root touch up sprays for this post were all purchased with affiliate commissions from previous posts.


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cover grey roots


Thank you for reading!  I hope this post was helpful.  Feel free to text this post link to friends who might be looking for a good root touch up product.

I wanted it to be much easier to find the best formula for what you are looking for in a root touch up product.  I also hope it helped you pick the right color!


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