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/ September 23, 2015

How To Use Root Touch Up Spray | My 5 Best Tips for Covering Grey Roots

I posted a review of Style Edit root touch up spray a little while ago.  And like most products, I find that the more I use it, the better I get at using it and my results end up more natural looking.  Practice makes perfect.

You can shop Style Edit on their website here.

5 Tips for Using Root Touch Up Spray

1 | To keep your scalp from getting color on it, cover the strip of scalp with a piece of paper.  Spray that side of your hair, then move the paper to other side and spray that section.

2 | Tilt the nozzle and spray so that it’s facing down your hair towards your ends.  Aim towards your roots and down.  Any spray that goes past your grey roots will just help blend the spray into the rest of your hair and make the product look more natural.

3 | Spray in little bursts, instead of one continuous stream.

4 | Spray the grey hair around your face by tearing a piece of tissue paper into a “V” shape around the edge of the hair, as a guide to get all the spray onto your hair and protect your skin.

5 |  Use a thin teasing brush with boar bristles to blend the product into your hair.

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Here is a video showing each of these tips |


Products used |


Thank you so much for reading!  I hope this is a helpful tutorial, Heaven knows I could have used it when I started using root touch up spray.

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  1. I found my first gray hair- 2 of them, actually- when I was 17. The top of my head is at least 90% gray now but the sides still have color. I’ve been red for years and get so tired of that infernal gray stripe! I’m excited to try this spray for in-between coloring.

    I’ve been considering going blonde, and this strawberry blonde you’ve got going seems like a nice transition. I would like to go full natural hair color but my son insists it would make me look too old. Haha!

    • Try the strawberry blonde!! I think it would be a good compromise between full on blonde and the red you have. And the roots sprays are a total life saver.