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/ September 16, 2015

Bachelor In Paradise Part 2 | Jade’s Glam Details + Bridal Makeup Tips

Hi, friends!  So excited to share this post, it’s time for Jade’s glam details.

Quick story first: while I was doing Carly’s makeup, Jade and one of the producers came in and played the final episode.  I had flown home early from a family trip to glam them, so I had missed Sunday night’s episode.

When Jade’s engagement scene played, I was in total shock.

I literally put down my brush and stared at the computer and asked Jade “Is that real?  Are you really engaged??”  It felt so surreal.  Jade got the biggest smile on her face and said “Yes, we’re engaged!”  AGHHHH!  So exciting!

The makeup I had planned changed right then and there!

When I saw that proposal and Jade’s stunning white lace dress that she was wearing for After Paradise, I knew we had to change it up.

We had discussed a deep side part and loose curls, which we kept, but we softened the makeup up to a much more “romantic” look, to hint at bridal makeup.

Skin |

For Jade’s skin, I mixed two foundations, one that gives a nice glow and another that brightens and gives full-but-natural-looking coverage.

I did a very rosy flushed color on her cheeks.  I knew the eyes were going to be lighter, so I went up a shade deeper on the blush, to give her cheeks the same flush you get naturally.

Lipstick |

Jade’s lips were very natural, only slightly darker than her own lips.

This is a great shade for brides, because it’s easier to maintain over the course of the night than a bold red lip.  Bold lips photograph so beautifully, though, so bumping up your natural lip shade by one shade with lipstick can create that same effect for pictures.

I lined Jade’s lips, then mixed a lipstick that was the same color as her lips and added a tiny bit of lipstick one shade darker to get the color she wore.

Eyes |

For Jade’s eyes, I used soft browns and taupes as a base in her crease and under her eye, then added mauve and bronze tones.

I used one set of false lashes, then added a few longer individual lashes to really make her eyes pop.

I went very light with eye liner, to keep the look soft overall.

Bridal Makeup Tip |

Setting spray was our friend, as it was 100 degrees in L.A. the night of the After Paradise taping.

Brides, it will also help keep your makeup on from morning until night.  You can spray it directly into your beautyblender and dab it under your eyes to set concealer and also mist it over your whole face to set the finished look.

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My other tip is to always take a photo when your makeup is done to make sure you like how it looks in photographs and in real life.  Take a few photos with a flash and without and zoom in and make sure you love how it’s looking.

I always bring a camera with me on appointments and take photos for clients.  75% of the time I end up adding a little blush or extra eye liner, because makeup can really disappear under the flash.  It’s a great and quick way to make sure you love how you look before it’s too late to change anything!

Hair |

For Jade’s hair, we wanted a deep side part and loose waves.  Jade has a natural side part so this worked perfectly.

I barely even touched the front pieces near the roots with the curling iron.  I just lightly smoothed them with the back of the curling iron, so that I wouldn’t change the shape at all.

Then, I used a 1.25″ curling iron to loosely curl Jade/s hair and girlgetglamorousHAIR extensions.   I love how perfectly the gggHAIR extensions in Soda Pop {shade 2} matched Jade’s natural hair.

I over directed the hair by curling her hair at an upward angle, which creates volume.  Then about a fourth of the way down the hair, I started loosely curling it all the way to the bottom.

I used the curling iron to straighten out the ends a bit more, for a looser looking wave, rather than a tight curl.

I sprayed a bit of texture spray at the roots and throughout as a light hairspray, then polished the top layer and ends of the hair with a very small drop of oil.

Tip |  start small with hair products.  Use the tiniest amount possible to start, you can always add more later.

Pics, pics, pics!  Here are some photos of the gorgeous Jade and a complete list of every product I used below the photos.


makeup-after-paradise-hair-extensions-girl-get-glamorous-wedding-bachelor-in-after-paradise-nation-recap-jade-roper-tanner-carly-makeup.jpeg makeup-after-paradise-hair-extensions-girl-get-glamorous-wedding-bachelor-in-after-paradise-nation-recap-jade-roper-tanner-carly-makeup.jpeg makeup-after-paradise-hair-extensions-girl-get-glamorous-wedding-bachelor-in-after-paradise-nation-recap-jade-roper-tanner-carly-makeup.jpeg

Products used |







Thank you for reading!  I hope this was helpful, if you have any questions let me know!

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All photos property of girlgetglamorous.  May be used only with permission.



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    • Thank you, so nice to hear. I LOVE seeing what other makeup artists are using and how. I’ve definitely gotten the best tips and game changer products from getting to work with other makeup artists. That’s a great idea for a video!! Do you have any favorite products from your kit?

  1. You’re awesome and beautiful….I so enjoyed reading about Jade and Carly. Bachelor in Paradise was so much fun to watch, and to find out you did their makeup was unbelievably cool.

    • Thank you, Virginia! BIP also quickly became one of my favorite shows, so getting to do this makeup was a dream work day for me. Really sweet of you to comment, thank you!