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/ March 29, 2019

Skindinavia Review | The Best Makeup Setting Spray (a.k.a.) How to Make Your Makeup Last

I am so excited to do this review of the Skindinavia makeup setting sprays.   I’ve been using them now for years and fall more in love with them every day.  They are the key to making your makeup last all day and night!

Setting spray is one of those beauty products that you don’t know you need and then once you use it, you will never do makeup without it ever again. 


skindinavia setting sprays review finishing bridal oil control

The purpose of setting spray is to keep makeup in place for an extended period of time.  With it, my makeup stays in place 10-16 hours.  If I forget to use it, I feel like I’ve just wasted my makeup, it fades that much faster.

Also, If you saw my posts my the concealer and foundation routines for 35+ skin, you know that this setting spray is one of the key elements in keeping my makeup looking fresh and prevents it from settling in fine lines. 


  • size | .66 oz (travel size), 4 oz, or 8 oz
  • price | $11, $29, $39
  • packaging | bottle with spray nozzle with an extra long tube (so all of the product gets used)
  • formula | liquid, sprays in an ultra-fine mist
  • comes in three formulas | Traditional, Oil-Control, + Bridal (luminous finish)
  • shop online | beautylish . amazon


Are all setting sprays created equal?  Heck no.  Which is why I’ve come to love Skindinavia’s sprays so much.

I’ve tested over ten different setting sprays and they either didn’t work to keep makeup last longer, felt too heavy on my skin, caused a reaction, or the nozzle didn’t spray evenly.  Sometimes I think it’s great to experience products that aren’t good, because they make you appreciate the great products that much more.

I have honestly never used a setting spray that has even come close to the Skindinavia sprays.  The closest ones are from Urban Decay and guess what…they are made by Skindinavia (the formulas are slightly different, but I do love the UD de-slick formula).

Skindinavia’s sprays feel light on your skin.  It’s a very refreshing initial mist and once it dries down, the product feels as light as air.  It also makes my makeup feel lighter and fresher.

I’ve never had any itching (giant pet peeve), redness, or skin reaction with Skindinavia sprays.  I actually think they’ve kept my skin in better condition, because I’m not touching, blotting, or itching my skin throughout the day.

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According to Skindinavia, this is how their sprays lock makeup in place:

“Skindinavia’s patented technology forms a lightweight, breathable web working with your makeup that slowly releases over 16 hours. The timed-release evaporation retains moisture longer while also drawing heat away from the skin as it slowly evaporates throughout the day. The results are fresh, cool makeup for up to 16 hours.”


I primarily use the Original formula during cooler months, because I have dry skin.  It has a natural satin finish.

The Bridal version has a luminous finish and is great for a soft-glow focus (think flash photos). I sometimes use two sprays: the oil-control in my t-zone and the bridal on my cheekbones and the outside sections of my face. The Bridal formula is made for extremely long wear.

The Oil-Control is incredible for oily skin and my go-to spray for warmer weather.  It gives a matte finish that lasts all day. This is a terrific spray for anyone who really wants a soft matte finish. I use it on models who are changing outfits 20-100 times a photoshoot, because it really minimizes how often I have to blot their faces.

Also, if you tend to get breakouts around your jawline or hairline from makeup, Skindinavia’s Post Makeup Recovery Spray is amazing!  I just spray a little over the irritated area and by the next day, my skin is back to normal.  It has a really nice blend of zinc and copper, along with some other acne fighting ingredients.


Another thing I love about these sprays is that the Skindinavia bottle has an extra fine mist.  It gently covers your skin in a sheer mist that is 100% heavenly (scientific fact) to spray.  It’s such a nice, luxurious feeling way to finish to doing your makeup.

The tube inside the bottle is extra long, so that all your product eventually gets sprayed.  There is zero waste, you use every last drop!


Skindinavia recommends spraying in a “X” formation back and forth over your face, holding the bottle about 8-12 inches from your face.  If you hold the bottle too close, you’ll get a wet spray vs a fine mist.   I find that misting about 8 inches away from my face is best for me.

A wet spray will disrupt your makeup, leave droplets marks and wet spots, whereas a mist will settle gently and evenly and become one with your makeup.

If you read the concealer/foundation posts and watched the concealer and foundation videos, you know one of my all-time favorites setting spray tricks is to spray directly into my beautyblender then bounce that into my skin to “finish” the look of my base products.  This makes them look like skin, takes away any product heaviness feeling, and sets the base products for extra-long wear.

Once I’m finished all my makeup, I’ll do the “X” shaped mist. It helps my eyeshadow and powders products to lock in and also softens to look of the powders. You can see me spray it here in this tutorial.


beautylish . amazon



Thank you for reading and being a part of the blog!

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