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WELLA Strawberry Blonde vs. L’OREAL Strawberry Blonde

Battle of the (Strawberry) Blondes!  If you have read the posts “Strawberry Blonde Hair: My Epic Journey” and “Part Two“, and if you haven’t you should, the writing is superb, (ha ha) then you already know that I have two favorite color combos to make strawberry blonde hair.  One is from mixing two shades of L’Oreal Excellence and the other is from mixing two shades of Wella Color Charm.  I wanted to break down what I like about each formula so you can decide for yourself the best combo for your hair.

WELLA COLOR CHARM in 8RG Titian Red Blonde mixed with 8G Light Golden Blonde (1 tube of each) |

This is the current formula I’m using in my hair.

Likes |

  • the red/strawberry is more vibrant in this formula
  •  the color stays a very true strawberry blonde, very minimal fading
  • the cream formula covers every single grey hair, phenomenal coverage
  • quality of the dye is very high, closest I’ve gotten to salon results at home
  • Sally’s Beauty is always well stocked

Meh |

  • You have to purchase the developer, gloves, and mixing tube separately and measure the correct amount of developer yourself.  Slightly intimidating at first.

L’OREAL EXCELLENCE in 8RB Reddish Blonde mixed with 7R Red Penny |

Likes |

  • Easy to use, developer, gloves, conditioner, and color all come packaged together
  • pretty blonde tones in initial results

Meh |

  • color fades quickly
  • the first 2 – 3 days the color is more red than I’d like it to be
  • Red Penny can be hard to find in store


Color |

The Wella combo comes out more strawberry blonde than the L’Oreal combo.  The L’Oreal combo eventually fades to a more blonde version of strawberry blonde.

If you want a blonder color, go with the L’Oreal.

If you want a more “strawberry” strawberry blonde, go with the Wella combo.

If you have grey hair like me, the Wella covers greys the best, while staying the most vibrant, in my opinion.  Both colors are gorgeous, it just depends if you want your hair to be more blonde or more strawberry.

Health |

In terms of hair health, my hair felt the same after coloring with both dyes.  The L’Oreal includes a pretreatment to protect your ends and a deep conditioner after rinsing your hair.  For the Wella, I put coconut oil in my ends (2″-3″ of ends only) to protect them before coloring and a good deep conditioning mask after rinsing.

Price |

I purchase two boxes of the L’Oreal and two tubes of the Wella, so the price really works out to be almost the same.

The L’Oreal is around $9 a box (x2 = $18) but you can usually find it on sale.  The Wella is around $5 per tube (x2 = $10) and $2 for developer, for $12 total.

I bought plastic gloves in bulk ($10 for a box of 100), coconut oil from Trader Joe’s ($6), and a deep conditioner that I use once a week.  So the combos do work out to cost about the same.

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Also, here is a video showing the results with each combo.   Skip right to the 3:02 minute mark in the L’Oreal and skip to 3:08 in the Wella video to see the results!

I hope this is helpful, I know there are a ton of hair color options out there.  Because I’ve had almost every single one on my head, ha!  That could be a fun post, every shade I’ve tried besides red…


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