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/ July 3, 2014

Dior Addict Fluid Stick Swatches & Review | Mirage, Aventure, Wonderland, & Pandore

In my next life, I want to come back as the person who names the Dior Addict Fluid Sticks.  “Mirage”  “Aventure” “Wonderland” and “Pandore” are just four of the names that in my brain, I try to pronounce like a French women.  Or Italian?  It doesn’t really matter because these are very great names and all my accent attempts sound the same.  “Pandore.”  I mean, come on.  Say that like an Italian woman.  It’s fun!

The Dior Addict Fluid Stick calls itself a “lip hybrid” meaning it has the pigment of a lipstick, with the finish of a gloss, and the lightweight feel of a balm.  It also claims to be long lasting.  The packaging is creative and on-theme with one end looking like a tube of lipstick and the other side looking like a traditional Dior lip gloss tube.  It retails for $35 for each .18 oz tube.



The shades are beautiful.  “Mirage” is a unique coral nude, “Aventure” a lighter red, “Wonderland” is a red with raspberry undertones, and “Pandore” is a bright, true red.  They are very pigmented, and show up nicely in person and in photographs.  They are more sheer in person and if I applied too much at once, could look streaky.  I learned to start with really light, sheer layers and build color to avoid streaks.


The texture of the fluid sticks is lightweight.  The finish is glossy.  It was very sticky at first which fades away somewhat over time.  It’s nice that it’s lightweight, but the stickiness bothered me, as it does with most lip glosses.  I’m just more of a lipstick person for that reason.  The finish is pretty and shiny.

Staying Power:

This is where the fluid stick fell short for me.  It is marketed as a long-wearing product, but came off pretty quickly.  It also came off on every glass I drank out of, so it is not transfer resistant.  I found myself reapplying every 30 to 60 minutes.  Normally I’d think “yeah, it’s a lip gloss so I expected to reapply this much DUH TO ME” but when it says its long wearing I do want it to last longer.  If you just have it on and don’t drink or eat, it does fade nicely and leave behind a pretty stain, but if you drink the center color does wear down while the color on your outer lips remains.

Bottom Line:

If you love lip glosses but wish they had more color, this would be a good product for you.  This is pricey (to me) at $35 a tube, but if you are buying Dior makeup, you’re probably used to these prices, you fancy lady!  I do think it’s a good product for summer, when people tend to wear less makeup overall and a bold lipstick might look out of place.  You could wear these with a BB cream, some bronzer, and a cat eyeliner for easy summer makeup.  “Mirage” is a good everyday peach nude shade, and “Pandore” is a fun bright, bold red.



Thank you for reading, you luxury loving ladies!  Please subscribe above so you don’t miss a single swatch, ha!

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