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/ July 8, 2014

Julep Glow Pore Minimizing Blush and Bronzer Review

Pore minimizing?  Hello, you have my attention.

Julep’s new blush and bronzer made this promise and I was, let’s just say, very excited to try it.  I have fine lines on my forehead, some might call them wrinkles, and some slightly larger pores on the sides of my cheeks and chin.  Sometimes with bronzers, the darker shade can settle into the pores and make my skin look dirty.  All The Sexy, right?

I ordered the blush, $19, in shade Peach Bellini and the bronzer, $22,  in shade Light Golden Bronze.  The blush is also available in Petal Pink and the bronzer is available in a deeper shade called Medium Tan.

First impressions: The colors are stunning.  Peach Bellini is the perfect shade of peach.  Especially for redheads.  It’s so pretty on and has the perfect amount of shimmer.  The shimmer makes it look more natural and dimensional on your cheeks.  My pictures don’t even do the shade justice.  It’s so stunning in person.

The bronzer shade is also really pretty, it was slightly too dark for my pale skin when I first got it a couple months ago, but now, during the summer months, it’s been perfect for helping me fake a tan.

The formula is a bit powdery, so I was nervous at first that is would age my skin.  It does not.  The formula truly is pore minimizing.  I found the trick is to just tap your brush evenly once.  Yep, one time and that’s what you work with.  Any more blush and it starts looking powdery.  So one tap in the blush for each cheek and one tap, maybe two for the bronzer.  It does get to be sort of a loose powder in the pan where you tap your brush, so I just store them carefully so there isn’t fall out.  This might make them tough to travel with.  I do blend all my makeup with a damp beauty blender after it’s done, so this eliminates any powdery look on my skin if I have gone too heavy.

Back to the pore minimizing.  As an experiment, I covered my whole face in the bronzer.  It was before a shower, best time to play with your makeup.  I caked my face in the bronzer to see if it would make my fine lines stand out or make my pores look larger.  It did not.  Truly impressed with the formula.  I looked like an ommpa-loompa from Charlie and The Chocolate factory, but an Ommpa Loompa with small pores.

One thing that I really hope Julep will work on, because they do have winning shades and I love the skin care ingredients in the formula, is the scent.  These have a funky scent, which fades on my skin quickly, but lasts on my brushes.  So I really do hope that can change, because I’d rather have no smell than a weird smell.

The packaging is nice and sleek black.  They both open easily, but feel secure when I close them.  Also, there is a mirror inside the lid, which is nice for up-close blending.

Overall, I’m really happy with both of these products.  The peach bellini shade is one of the prettiest peaches I have ever seen in a makeup.  If you are a redhead, or very pale, I highly suggest trying it!  The bronzer has been great for summer, when I want to look more tan.  I have been using it on my collarbones to give them a little dimension too.

These are solid shades, not ombre, my flash just makes them look that way. The true color is at the top.

julep-blush-bronzer-maven-peach-bellini-light-golden-bronze-swatches-review.jpeg julep-blush-bronzer-maven-peach-bellini-light-golden-bronze-swatches-review.jpeg julep-blush-bronzer-maven-peach-bellini-light-golden-bronze-swatches-review.jpeg

Blush on it's own.
Blush on it’s own.
Blush & Bronzer.
Blush & Bronzer.
My Oompa Loompa moment, covered my face in bronzer to see if it pore-minimized. Love it!
My Oompa Loompa moment, COVERED my face in bronzer and it didn’t make my fine lines stand out!
The finished look!

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  1. Hi, can you please explain what you mean by a ‘damp beauty blender’?
    Also, you have gorgeous you recommend these products for slightly scarred skin (in areas) as sometimes powders make it worse.
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi there! Sure, so I use a beauty blender sponge ( to blend my makeup. I get it wet, then squish it into a towel to absorb the excess water, then I use it in that “damp” state to blend the edges of all my makeup. I have acne scarring on my left cheek, and it doesn’t seem to settle into those light scars or pores. The bronzer did gather in the creases on my neck the other day though, so I won’t be using it on my neck again or Ill use a setting spray! Thank you and I hope this helps!!