What’s New From Physician’s Formula | City Glow Bronzer + Mascara Extension Set

by Molly Gardner

I am so happy to partner with Physician’s Formula to review and demo some of their their new products.  I love, love, love me a new product launch.

I have been a long time fan of the Physician’s Formula bronzers, because they make a Light Bronze shade, which is so hard to find and extra hard to find at a drugstore price.  And for fair ladies like me, it’s nice to be able to get a natural looking tan and not look like you got into mommy’s makeup bag.

So… I was super excited to see that they came out with not only a new bronzer in a light shade, but this one has SPF.  All my pale skin ladies, you with me!?


SPF 30.

Hot. Damn.

City Glow Daily Defense Bronzer SPF 30 comes in two shades: New York, which is lighter, and Paris, which is medium.  They both contain .38 oz of product and retail for $14.95.  They come in the traditional Physician’s Formula packaging with the product on the top and a mirror and brush on the bottom.

Both shades have a “spray over” of gold, which is just meant to catch the eye while shopping.  It’s an actual spray of glitter that goes over a pattern on makeup to make it more eye catching in stores.  It comes off in a swipe and then the rest of the product has a natural satin finish which I love.  Satin finishes makes your skin look super healthy and glowing.

Each bronzer has a cute pattern of the city’s monuments and skyline, which is a beautiful detail usually found on luxury products.  It’s so nice to see it on an affordable product.  I love when makeup itself is beautiful.  Also, each bronzer has two shades, you can wear the lighter top shade or darker bottom shade separately or wear them together.  I’ve been wearing them swirled together.

“New York” gives the slightest hint of a tan, which is absolutely perfect for me.  It gives a nice glow, without at all looking like I am wearing bronzer.  Medium skin ladies, go for Paris because New York won’t show up on you at all.  New York looks darker in the pan, but applies light.  Fair skin ladies, Rejoice.

The bronzers have SPF, but also says they “provides advanced protection against urban environmental aggressors, for the ultimate healthy-looking tan glow. Skin Defending Benefits, Anti-Aging, Anti-Dullness, Anti-Grey, Anti-Stress, Anti-Pollution. City Protection SPF 30.”  I’ll take it.  I haven’t been using it long enough to notice long term benefits, but extra SPF added to a shade that works me is such a huge bonus.

Bottom Line:  I’ve been wearing the New York shade almost daily.  It’s fit seamlessly in with my summer makeup look, which has been CC cream, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, black liner, and mascara.  “Simple” to me, a full face for others, ha!

Before: right out of the package with the "spray over" still on.

Before: right out of the package with the “spray over” still on.

After: How the product is after the first use.

After: How the product is after the first use.

Physicians-formula-city-best-top glow-bronzer-spf-30-new-york-swatches-review-beauty-blogger-blog-los-angeles.jpeg

Up next…

Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit.  This kit retails for $14.95 and contains both a traditional mascara and a smaller tube that contains fibers.

How I use it: I start using it by first curling my lashes, then I add one coat of the traditional mascara, then one coat of the fibers, then another coat of mascara to seal in the fibers, then I comb through them with a lash comb.  I finish one side first, then switch to the other side.


There is a learning curve with this mascara set, but once you have the tricks down it doesn’t take me any longer than traditional mascara.

Tip #1 – put your fingers from your free hand under the eye you are applying the fibers too.  The fibers will fall out, so have them fall onto your hand, then wash your hands after.  Instead of having them fall on your cheeks.

Tip #2 – Do one side fully first, then switch to the other.  That way you get the fibers onto the mascara while it’s still wet and has grip.  They’ll be more effective and last longer this way.

Tip #3 – Don’t go crazy with the fibers, a little goes a long way.  I went nuts the first few times, and the fibers ended up irritating my eyes.  I went softer the third time, got super long lashes, and no irritation.

Bottom Line: I wouldn’t say this looks like false lashes, but I was really impressed with how my lashes look.  The mascara alone is very impressive. Silky and smooth and made my lashes look great.  Then the fibers gave them volume and added length. Practice once or twice, it’s really worth it because it doesn’t take that much longer than adding three coats of normal mascara and takes way less time than adding false lashes and you get results right in the middle of those two.

I actually want to try these on top of false lashes sometime, just to see what happens.  I live wildly.


With the mascara and fiber on the Left, no product on the Right.

With the mascara and fiber on the Left, no product on the Right.

That wraps up my thoughts on the new bronzer and mascara.  Thank you so much for reading!  Do you love new product launches as much as me!?  Any new makeup you’ll be trying for fall?

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1 comment

Amanda August 31, 2015 - 3:34 pm

Hi Molly, I spent the entire night reading your blog, lol.
I’m commenting on this post because it’s the most recent, but my question is about hair.
So, my hair was basically a platinum blonde before this last Saturday, which was when I decided to go to the hairdresser and trust him to turn me into a strawberry blonde. Huge mistake 🙁
I usually do these things myself, but I was insecure because my roots were really long, and my natural hair color is dirty blonde. I was going to use Loreal 8RB (so in love with that color!) to start my journey as a strawberry blonde.
I even did a test underneath my hair and tried using a higher developer on my roots (30vol on my roots and 20vol on the rest), but it still turned out two different colors. So I decided to just go to the hairdresser (which, honestly, I have NEVER FOUND a hairdresser that could EVER give me the shade of red that I wanted. It’s so frustrating. I’ve always done a better job myself than all of them, actually…)
Anyway, sorry to vent, but my frustration comes from telling my hairdresser that I wanted a very LIGHT, strawberry blonde. Showing him pictures. Showing him the strip of hair I tested on and had exactly the color I wanted in it. I even took the hair dye I bought (the Loreal 8RB). So, basically, the only reason I decided to go was because of my long roots, I wanted him to make it look as similar as possible to the lenght of my hair.
Turns out, my hair is very dark. I am so disappointed and feeling so self-conscious. I would say my hair is like a 7, and some parts, even a 6. My roots look even more different than the length of my hair, and what KILLS me is that there are some parts that turned out a little pinkish. My heart hurts just by writing this 🙁
I saw that you have a post about what to do if your hair turns out too red, which I wanna try, even though my hair is not exactly too red, it’s just too dark. Looks like a strawberry brown.
I’m just so sad because my hair’s been so healthy and it was a platinum blonde, so whichever color I wanted to die it with, would’ve worked wonders. Now, I think I might have to bleach my hair, if everything else doesn’t work, to get to the color I could’ve gotten sooooo easily if I had trusted myself instead of going to the hairdresser.
He’s great, I love him, but even the greatest hairdressers I’ve been to could never give me the shade of red I asked for.
In your experience, can you give me any tips of suggestions about what to do? Have you ever gotten your hair strawberry brown? If so, what did you do to lighten it?
Ty for reading this, your hair is gorgeous, your blog is awesome and you’re so pretty and sweet!
I hope you can save me, lol. 🙂


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