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/ July 10, 2014

Sinful Colors Nail Polish Gel Tech Formula vs. Professional Formula

Okay let’s overlook the fact that this was a very slap-dash polish job and rejoice in the fact that I accidentally bought the gel tech polish in the same shade that I already had in the Sinful Colors original “Professional” line.  This happy accident allowed me to really see the formulas side by side and do a comparison.

I got the Gel Tech in “Royal Plush” and the Professional in “Southern Belle.”

I adore the professional line, I love that the formula is “3-toxin free”, which is very rare for a drugstore line.  Meaning the three most harmful toxins aren’t in the polish’s formula.  The Professional polishes retail for $1.99.  Originally the Gel Tech was selling for $2.99, but they recently lowered the price to $1.99 at the Walgreen’s where I bought mine.

The Gel Tech promises to be five times as shiny as a patent leather shoe.  The main difference I noticed between the Gel Tech and the original formula is that the Gel Tech was slightly thinner.  I thought it might take more coats to get the same opacity but it only took two coats for both formulas in this shade.

The Gel Tech paints on a little streaky the first coat, which freaked me out, but the second coat smoothed everything out.  If you are a one-coat only kind of gal, then stick with the Professional line, there are a few shades in there that are one coat and we’re done.

Other than that, I felt like they both wore the same amount of time before chipping and had the same amount of shine.  I really like both formulas.

Short and sweet post, but that’s all I gotta say on the matter!  Great polishes, just not a huge difference for me between the formulas.  In general, these is one of my favorite nail polish brands: the formula is awesome, the color range is great, and they are around $2 each.  Win-win!

sinful-colors-gel-tech-vs-professional-nail-polish.jpeg sinful-colors-gel-tech-vs-professional-nail-polish.jpeg

What did I tell you, Sinful Colors has the best shades!  I found this Girl Get Glamorous signature neon coral color the other day and freaked out!!


Girl Get Glamorous!
Girl Get Glamorous!

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