Sinful Colors Nail Polish Review + Swatches | Vacation Time . Graine de Poivre . Southern Belle

by Molly Gardner

I had seen Sinful Colors polish on my numerous drugstore makeup junkie sweeps, but had yet to try this brand.  They retail for $1.99, and to be honest, I hadn’t tried them because I didn’t think the quality was going to be that great.  I tried nail polishes in this price range before and found those polishes to be….lacking.  Too watery, too goopy, or they chip to quickly.

But on this fine autumn evening, something inside my heart told me the time to try Sinful Colors polish was here and now.  And so I perused.  And perused.  And perused.

They have a ton of colors!  I guess I never realized how many colors they have because I hadn’t seriously looked before.  Their selection is incredible, and they had a display of seasonal “Halloween” colors as well.  I thought they were perfect colors for fall.  I picked up Vacation Time, Graine de Poivre, and Southern Belle.

My version of a Pumpkin Spice Latte: Fall nail polish colors.

My version of a Pumpkin Spice Latte: Fall nail polish colors.


Vacation Time:  Rose Nude

Vacation Time

Vacation Time

Graine de Poivre:  Cool Chocolate

Graine de Poivre

Graine de Poivre

Southern Belle:  Raspberry

Southern Belle

Southern Belle

Are these not three of the most beautiful colors you’ve ever seen?  Each one is stunning and looked great on my fingers and toes.


In every shade, this polish lasted a full week with chips.  And I was NOT easy on my nails.  I decided my bathroom needed wall decals (stick & peel), did dishes, laundry, and worked.

Color & Formula:

Each shade was so pigmented that I barely needed two coats!  The polish comes out thin but so richly pigmented.  You can do very thin, but smooth coats, and it dries so quickly in between coats.  No streaking, or goopy texture.  The formula is also 3- Free, meaning its free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.  Being 3-free was one of the main reasons I was getting Julep and Butter London polishes, which retail for $14-$16 each.

Bottom Line:

A+ nail polish on every level.   I am a complete convert. I can’t believe I waited this long to try Sinful Colors.  Great price, amazing quality, incredible color selection, this polish is the whole package.  I think it would also make a really cute thing to tape on the outside of presents to match the wrapping paper.  Don’t ask me why/how I even thought of this, I’m a complete weirdo.  I am just so, so in love with this polish and will definitely be picking up more colors.

Thank you for reading!

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