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/ August 21, 2015

How To Dry Shampoo Your Hair

I was a big fan of dry shampoo before I became a Strawberry Blonde.  But after I started coloring my hair red, it became a next level necessity.

Red hair just fades so much faster than any color, so I started looking for any way I could to preserve the color the longest.

Dry shampoo became my hero.  I used it daily and would only shampoo my hair with water and regular shampoo once a week.

I’m going to be very honest.  Once a day was too much.

I got some serious build up and eventually my hair started to look a little matte and a lot like it was dry shampooed.  It got a funny texture and I got to the point where the smell of dry shampoo was making me gag.  I think it’s safe to say, I had overdone it.

Now I try and hold out as long as I can before dry shampooing, usually on the 2nd or 3rd day after washing, and then apply with a light hand.  After that, every other day max, or even less if I can, I will spot touch up where I’m getting oily.

The main trick to appkying dry shampoo is to apply in light layers throughout your hair.  This way you won’t get any visible white powder residue on your roots.

Also, I’ve found this layering technique helps me distribute the dry shampoo around my head more evenly, so I don’t have to dry shampoo as often.  Now I wash my hair once or twice a week and dry shampoo it 1-3 times.

How I Dry Shampoo My Hair

1 | Part hair in a horizontal line from ear-to-ear.  Spray lightly all over the part.

2 |  Move up one inch and repeat step 1.

3 | I usually get two or three rows sprayed before I get to the crown.  Repeat on crown (top of head where you would actually wear a crown) and then one more inch up on semi-top of your head.

4 | Rub the shampoo through, like you would with regular shampoo.

5 | Let the dry shampoo sit for about five minutes, then hit your roots with your hair dryer set on the lowest setting.  I like to do 5-10 seconds of hot air, then 15 more seconds with cool air.

6 | Sometimes I need a little oil or shine spray to counter the matte effect of most dry shampoos.  Rub a drop through your ends, then rub whatever is left on your palms over the rest of your hair.

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Easy guide to how to use dry shampoo on your hair.jpeg


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I hope this post was helpful!  How often do you shampoo vs dry shampoo your hair?  I’m curious, let me know in the comments please!

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