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Pat McGrath Foundation vs. Armani Luminous Silk | HD Application + Swatches

If you’ve read my blog, you probably know that Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk foundation is one of my all-time favorite beauty products.  I’ve repurchased it six times!  Buying something that many times is huge for me, as I love trying new products, like the Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection foundation. 

Pat McGrath products are always such high quality, I couldn’t wait to test the foundation.

I saw a lot of requests for comparisons between the Luminous Silk and the new Pat McGrath foundation.  They are both luxury foundations, so it’s definitely a great idea to really make sure you are making the right choice for yourself before buying either! 

I thought an HD video and detailed photos would be helpful.  I also wrote a few of my thoughts on each as well below.

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Details: Pat McGrath | Armani Luminous Silk

  • $68 | $65
  • 1.18 oz | 1 oz
  • claims: medium, buildable, satin/matte finish | medium, buildable, satin/luminous finish
  • 36 shades | 30 shades

Dry + Mature Skin | Both foundations are great for dry and mature skin, no settling in fine lines or clinging to dry patches.  

SPF | Neither foundation has SPF.  

Longevity | Even without setting spray, as you’ll see in the video below, I felt like both foundations lasted me 7-8 hours and still looked great, even after a workout.

Texture | Both foundations are liquid, but I did feel as though the Pat McGrath had more of a serum foundation feel.  I prefer the more matte feel and texture of the Armani Luminous Silk.  However, if you love the feeling of serum foundations, you will love the Pat McGrath.  

Both foundations felt virtually weightless once blended.

Both foundations dry down on the skin, but I did find the PMG to be a bit more tactile when not set with a lot of powder.  I could definitely feel it slightly more on my skin and had to set it with a bit more powder vs the Armani.  

Finish | The PMG claims to be more matte, but I found it had almost an identical satin/matte finish to the Luminous Silk on my skin.  

Shades | While the Pat McGrath has six more shades vs Armani Luminous Silk, I did feel like I had to combine both shades 8 + 10 to get a good match for my skin.  With Armani, I get a perfect match with just shade 4.25.

Also, I found that the PMG range runs very light.  I originally was going to purchase a shade 4, however, I ended up actually being a mix of shades 8 + 10.

I found that the Pat McGrath peach toned foundations had much more yellow in than vs the Armani.  I did think that the PMG photographed really bright and beautiful. 

What was interesting, was that after 7 hours there was no perceivable shade difference between the Armani and PMG.

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pat mcgrath and armani side by side

pat mcgrath foundation swatches

In Conclusion | I think that the new Pat McGrath foundation is stunning.  It looks beautiful on and wears well throughout the day.

Personally, even though I love the finish of the PMG, I think I will stick with my Armani Luminous Silk because 1: I still have half a bottle left and 2: the Armani “dried down” more on my skin, leaving me with a more comfortable finish with less powder and 3: I only have to purchase one shade in the Armani to get a perfect match, vs. having to buy and mix two in the Pat McGrath.

Overall, if you love lightweight feeling serum foundations, the Pat McGrath could definitely become your holy grail foundation.  


Shop Pat McGrath | Sephora . Pat McGrath website

Shop Armani Luminous Silk | Saks Fifth Avenue . Sephora . Bloomingdales


I hope this is helpful.  Please feel free to ask any and all questions below!  I think the video will be helpful as well so that you can see how the foundations apply and move with my skin.



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