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/ November 2, 2018

How To Use a Jade Roller | Benefits + Demo for Face, Neck, + Eyes

Jade and Rose Quartz rollers have become the biggest skincare tools of the year!  I wanted to share the benefits and changes I’ve personally noticed and show how to use a jade roller for face, eyes, and neck.


  • lymphatic drainage –  retained water in face is pushed to the lymphatic drainage points, which reduces bloating and renews facial contours.
  • increased circulation – increases blood flow, which adds and immediate glow to skin.  Increased blood flow can also help bruises heal faster.
  • stress relief – it’s SO soothing to methodically use the roller.


Jade is non-porous, meaning it won’t harbor bacteria.  Jade is an adaptive stone and will get warmer with use.

Rose quartz will also not harbor bacteria and can be cleaned with either 70% isopropyl alcohol or soap and water.  Quartz stays more cool as you roll it over your face.

Both Jade and Rose Quartz have the same stone hardness level and can easily be cleaned.  If you prefer a tool that warms as you use it, choose Jade.  If you prefer a tool that stays cooler, choose Rose Quartz.

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Tool |  Most jade rollers come with two sides, a smaller side for use around the eye area and a larger roller for the face.

Pressure | Make sure to use light, gentle pressure.  You don’t need to press the roller into your skin, the motion combined with the jade stone will do all the work for you.

Clean Skin | Always use your jade roller with clean skin.

I wash my face first, then apply my toner and/or serum.  This is my favorite serum (it’s technically a toner, but I use it as my serum and it’s incredible).  The texture is slightly thicker than water and it has made my skin so bright.  I pat it in with my fingers.

After I apply serum, I wait about a minute, then start jade rolling.

Sometimes if I need a lot of TLC, I will wash my face, then apply a sheet mask or eye masks, then use the jade roller over them to give the mask a boost of effectiveness. 

Direction to Roll | When rolling, make sure you only roll in one direction, don’t roll back-and-forth.

On the face, always roll up and out towards your hairline and outer edge of your face, including your jawline.

On your neck and chest, you can roll downwards and towards your heart.

The direction of rolling is important, because you are rolling towards the lymphatic drainage points on your face and body.  This pushes any retained fluids to those points so they can be flushed out.  Your body would do this naturally during the day, even one minute of rolling helps speed up that process and reduces bloating quickly.


jade roller how to use beauty blog blogger guide tutorial best demo face eyes neck


1 | Starting at the center of your brows, roll up towards your hairline.

2 | Continue this motion all over your face, rolling out the right side first and then the left.

3 | Underneath your eyes, use the smaller side of the roller to roll up towards the outer edge of the eye, all the way to the hairline.

4 | On the upper lid of the eye, roll from the inner corner of your eyes across your lid to the outer corner.

5 | When you get to your neck and chest, you can start to roll down and inwards towards your heart.

This entire rolling process takes about 60 seconds total.  It’s pretty easy to fit in in the morning, while you make coffee, etc.  


Spray 70% isopropyl alochol over your roller and gently dry the roller into a clean towel.

This is the fastest way to clean it (and therefore the most likely I’ll be to actually follow through with the cleaning.) 

You can also wash with a little face wash and water and also dry in a clean towel.

Also, you can store the roller with your skincare or in the fridge if you want it extra refreshing for rolling.  

Shop Jade Rollers |  amazon . ulta . sephora 

I hunted and read through countless reviews to find a roller that was well made and real jade.  I wanted to make sure it was sturdy and the base would hold up with daily use.  I created this list of the best reviewed rollers to save you from having to dig through hundreds of options. 


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top way to jade roller how to use beauty blog blogger guide tutorial best lymphatic drainage


I hope this post was helpful!  Let me know if you try jade rolling and what you think.  Are you obsessed and how long did it take for you to see results?

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Thank you for reading!


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