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/ July 2, 2022

My Top 20 Best Amazon Beauty Buys

On a site as massive as Amazon, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with options, especially when it comes to makeup and hair products. However, there are so many hidden gems and hard-to-find international beauty products that you don’t want to miss.

I wanted to share my best beauty purchases. This was hard! I love so many products, but I narrowed it down by choosing the products that I: can’t live without, products I have repurchased, and also purchased for friends.

You can click right on the name below, or shop all these favorites on my Amazon Top 20 Beauty List.

My Favorite Amazon Beauty Finds

1 | Elizavecca Hair Mask ($8)

This is one of the few hair masks that I have ever repurchased! I have bought 4 times for myself and gifted 2 additional bottles to friends. If you color your hair, this mask is a must for adding protein back in. It takes my hair from straw to silk in under one minute.

2 | Julep Eye Liner ($12)

Gentle on sensitive eyes, glides on easily, amazing color range. My personal favorite is Taupe shimmer, which I have purchased three times now.

3 | Agave Hair Oil ($24)

I am incredibly picky about hair care oils, they have to have the “right” texture. This Agave oil has the perfect slick texture, sinks in right away, and adds moisture and shine to my hair like no other oil I have tried. This is my 4th bottle!

4 | Keracolor Clenditioner in Copper ($24)

If you are looking to keep your hair color refreshed, Keracolor has a shade for just about everyone. The Copper shades adds some reddish tones back into my Strawberry Blonde hair. The price point is great, especially considering the generous size of the bottle! I do recommend using a separate shampoo first.

5 | Bioderma Atoderm Cleansing Oil Body ($29)

This Bioderma body wash is my all-time favorite. It’s an oil that gets off every bit of sweat, dirt, sunscreen and then rinses totally clean. No oily residue and skin is super soft.

6 | Lipstick Organizer ($8)

The storage solution that I didn’t know I needed. This fits all my lipsticks, lip liners, and some concealers and keeps everything neat and easy to grab from on top my vanity desk.

7 | Jessup Makeup Sponge ($7)

I am so picky about makeup sponges. They can’t be too soft or too hard. This one is surprisingly just right. I love the slanted edge for blending out concealer around my eye makeup.

8 | CleanCut Bikini Line Trimmer ($42)

The best in the biz for your bikini line. Trust me on this one. You will thank me all summer long.

9 | YourFace Pillow Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Pillow ($80)

The shape does take some getting used to vs a traditional rectangle pillow. The medium firmness is way more comfortable for me vs the firm support beauty pillow I used to use.

There is neck support, which is great, and you can rest your head against the side supports if you are a side sleeper like me. The way this pillow supports your head does prevent eye wrinkles. It just takes a little getting used to, but my results have been worth the adjustment time.

10 | Glow Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic Acid Serum($42)

I tried this serum a couple of years ago for a video for JCP and fell almost immediately in love. Within a week, my skin looked so plumped, like I had a great facial.

I am now on my 4th bottle. It really plumps skin before moisturizer to fill in every line and makes my makeup look smoother.

11 | Square Sunglasses Transparent Brown ($14)

These sunglasses almost were a return for me and I am so glad I kept them. Initially, they felt too big, but now I love them and they are one of my most worn pairs. The color is so unique and looks amazing with Strawberry Blonde hair. The color of the glasses works with almost any outfit I put on.

12 | Biosil Liquid Drops ($30) + empty capsules ($9)

I have tried many a hair growth potion, pill, and vitamin in my day, and Biosil still ranks as the most effective. It also makes my nails strong and lashes grow in thicker.

The liquid drops are a better value, and work better, imo, vs Biosil’s powdered pills. However, the taste is so bad that I temporarily stopped taking them. Then I bought these empty pill capsules and add my drops to one every day. Problem solved for under $9!

13 | Jessup Complete Brush Set ($38)

I’ve always been skeptical of the Amazon brush sets that come with a zillion brushes. However, this is one of the softest brush sets I have ever tried and not just from Amazon, but including my high end brushes also.

14 | Real Techniques 242 Concealer Brush ($8)

Another brush must-have! This one is out-of-stock a lot after going viral, but keep the faith. It’s worth the wait. It’s the perfect concealer brush, buffing out edges, but keeping the concealer full coverage.

15 | Wella Color Charm ($8)

Old school GGG readers know. My love for this Strawberry Blonde hair color runs deep. I started buying my tubes through Amazon this year, when Wella opened an official storefront. Easy and free shipping with my Prime membership.

16 | Revlon Face Razors ($7 for two)

After forgetting my peach defuzzing face razor on a trip, I ran into a drugstore and found these. They happened to be the best razors I have tried for dermaplanning! I get them off Amazon now, because they are actually hard to find in stores. I got lucky that time and am happy I discovered them.

17 | DHC CoQ10 Eye Cream ($39)

This is another one for GGG readers, that if you know, you know. My love for this eye cream has been going strong for years. I think I am tube #8 at this point. The best eye cream I have ever used and the tube is giant.

18 | ColorProof SuperRich Shampoo ($30)

I searched for years for a great shampoo that would add moisture to my hair and keep the color vibrant. The Colorproof SuperRich line is perfect, it checks all those boxes and the formula is concentrated, so the smallest amount cleans my whole head.

19 | Utena Matomage Hair Styling Stick ($8)

This is one of those products that I did know I needed. I tried hair spray, heavier hair slicks, and gels to get my fly aways to be tamed. This lightweight stick lightly glides over and gets all my baby hairs in place. Use sparingly!

20 | Ardell 4 Package Lashes #422 ($12)

If you love the look of individual lashes, but sometimes want more “oomph,” these are the perfect lash style. They are long and add drama with that lenght, but aren’t so thick that they overwhelm even my hooded eyes. The 4-pack is a great deal!

Bonus #1 | Swigg Swiss Insulated Water Bottle ($25)

After having countless water bottle top’s leak inside of my nice purses, I searched for the best leakproof water bottle I could find. I discovered the Swiss brand, Swigg, and have not looked back.

These have a convenient flip top, with a unique locking mechanism. I have never been happier with a water bottle in my life.

Bonus #2 | La Roche Posay Water Sunscreen SPF60 ($36)

Look no further for the perfect sunscreen. Feels like nothing on the skin, protects incredibly well, and a bottle lasts forever because the formula is thinner and spreads easily. Absorbs instantly.

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