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/ November 18, 2014

How to Apply Individual Lashes | Tips + Tricks

Individuals lashes don’t always get the recognition they deserve, because they are so natural looking and harder to spot.  But anytime you’ve really loved a “natural” makeup look in a magazine, it’s safe to say they probably used individual lashes.

Three things I love about individual lashes |

1 |  If one falls off, it’s WAY less noticeable than when the front or end of your strip lashes starts to pop up.

Everyone who has worn strip lashes has had that moment, right?  When you walk into the bathroom and realize you’ve been talking to someone for 20 minutes with half a lash popping straight up.

2 |  They are much easier to hide in your natural lash line, especially the “knot free” individuals. So when you look down, it’s hard to tell that you are wearing lashes.  This makes individuals great for headshots or wedding photos.

3 |  You can set out the glue to start getting “tacky” while you are doing your eye makeup.  This saves time, because you don’t have to wait for it to get tacky like you do with a strip lash.



Prep: Set out a drop of glue while you are doing your eye makeup or mascara.  Curl your lashes.

1 |  Taking one individual lash, dip the end of the lash in the tacky glue, holding the flared, wider side with your tweezers.

2 |  Holding your arm like you are about to feed yourself soup, place the lash where your eyelid meets your lashes.  Looking down into a mirror can help make it easier to place the lashes.

3 | Look upward at your lashes in the mirror.  Make sure that the ends of the lashes are all going in the same direction.

4 | Once you are happy with them, flip your tweezers over to the rounded side and press the lashes gently in towards your lash line to help them blend seamlessly.

5 | Take another lash and place it slightly over from the last lash, so that the flared ends touch.

6 | Continue adding lashes until you’ve achieved the look (natural or dramatic) that you want.

7 | After the glue has dried, add mascara and comb through your lashes and falsies to really blend them.

8 |  Curl them lightly.  This helps blend them at the roots and gives such an amazing, eye opening curl.  But I emphasize the “lightly” because you don’t want to pull off any of the falsies.


Thank you for reading!  Have you tried individual lashes or strip lashes before?  Which do you prefer?  Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. I LOVE individual lashes. I can’t stand the strip ones. I can NEVER get them right and one side always comes up and it just ruins the look!

    • Yes! I love how you can customize individual lashes and just do a few to flare out your lashes or bring them all the way across the lash line for a fuller look. So awesome!!