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How to Make Your Curls Last | Clipping Your Curls to Cool

I realized that I’ve written the phrase “clip your curls to cool” on here and my Instagram account @girlgetglamorous about a billion times without fully explaining it.  The technical name is “setting” the curls and it’s a great technique to helping make curls last a really long time!

What Is Setting

Clipping your curls until they are cool sets the curls in place.

Without clipping them, the weight of your hair makes them fall as they cool, making them loose and not as curly.

Clipping them helps them stay the original size you curled them and makes them bouncier and last longer before they loosen.

What You’ll Need

  • 1-3 packages of Clips.  These are my favorites and I use 3 packages on my hair.
  • Curling iron.  I’m using the Hot Tools gold series curling irons.  I also love ghd curve irons, which are an investment, but worth every penny.
  • hair spray, optional (applied after curling, but before curl is set and clipped)


How to Clip Your Curls


1 |  Curl each piece of hair as you normally would.

2 |  As soon as it comes out of the curling iron, scoop it back up into the shape of the curl.

3 |  Take a clip and clip the curl against your scalp, clipping only the bottom/ends of the curl down.  Leaving the top part out helps maintain your hair’s volume.

4 |  Let the curls set until they are cool to the touch.  This usually takes 10-25 minutes.

5 |  Gently pull the clips out, starting from the bottom of your head.

6 |  Shake your hair out and voila!  Beautiful curls that will last days!


how to make curls last

Video Tutorial


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Tuesday 10th of December 2013

I need to try this!

Wednesday 11th of December 2013

Let me know how it works for you!

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