Quick, Under 5 Minute Up Do

by Molly Gardner

This is my go-to updo when I am crunched for time!  It’s easily done in under five minutes on dry hair.  Even if you have to blow dry, its still pretty quick, as you only have to flat iron or curl the front pieces/bangs.  The rest can look really cute messy.

**Two minute Video Link under the tutorial!**

I did this updo one day completely by accident.  I had my hair half up (my inspiration was Brigitte Bardot- oui oui!)  Buuuut baby girl needed a trim BAD.  My ends were looking rough.  I had some bobby bins in my purse so I twisted the ends into a bun and viola my favorite updo ever was created.  I have done this hair without a mirror in the dark before, it’s so easy when you get the feel of it!!


What you’ll need:

Hairspray, a teasing comb, and lots of bobby pins!  Also a smoothing serum to finish the look.

hairspray & comb

How to:

1.  Start by gently teasing the crown of your hair.  Leave a good section of the front of your hair out to cover the teasing.  (Tutorial HERE for how to tease)


2.  Flat iron the front pieces or bangs.  This doesn’t have to be perfect.  I like updos to have a slightly more “undone” look.

3.  Pull half of your hair up, as if you were going to do a Brigitte Bardot half-up style.  Twist the back and pin with bobby pins.  Smooth out the hair with your hands or a comb if you are going for a polished look.  Rake your finger through it if you want a messier look.

half up

Bobby pins in place holding the hair half up.

Bobby pins in place holding the hair half up.

4.  Taking all of your hair in your hands like you are about to put it into a ponytail, start twisting into a bun.  Pin the bun into place with bobby pins placed nice and snug!

I got buns, hun!

I got buns, hun!

Adding a few more bobby pins!

Adding a few more bobby pins!

5.  Spray with hairspray, then smooth a light smoothing serum or oil on the bun and distribute whatever is left on your palms over the rest of your hair.  This is a good way to make sure that you don’t put too much serum on your roots, which can weigh your hair down and make it look greasy.

updo 1 updo 2 updo 3

You are done!  I’ve actually slept on this look and worn it with bed head for whole second day.

*You can personalize the look by adding a headband or a rhinestone bobby pin in the side of the bun.*

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Stay Glam!

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