I Don’t Always Surf The Internet, But When I Do EYEBROWS.

The first time I saw this ^ joke on Instagram, I fell out of my chair laughing.  Puns and bad pick up lines will get me anytime.  There you go, the keys to my heart, Internet Men.

I never used to fill in my eyebrows.  1: Because I would just get a little lazy and 2: It seemed unnecessary.  I didn’t have any huge bald patches so I thought, “No Need!”  ….  And then a makeup artist filled in my eyebrows for me.


I was wrong.

It makes a difference.  In pictures, it’s a huge, “Look, now you have eyebrows” difference.  In real life, filling in your eyebrows helps define the shape of your face.  I was actually surprised at how much of a difference it makes.


Also, once you get it down, it takes 30 to 60 seconds.  For real.  I spend 10 times that amount of time looking at cat/pet photos on the internet and that is not a joke.

The best internet photo I have ever found.

The best internet photo I have ever found.

I use one of the following four things depending on how much color and definition I want.  From lightest to heaviest:

1.  Benefit Gimme Brow.  Reviewed HERE.

-Quick (20 seconds for real-sies), with light and natural looking coverage.  Perfection for everyday, doesn’t show up well in photos.

2.  Billion Dollar Brow Universal Brow Pencil.

-Great, quick pencil that truly is universal.  Taupe shading is what makes it universal.  In photos the taupe can make your brows look like a totally different color than your hair.  But does hold brows in place beautifully.

3.  Maybelline Expert Wear Twin Brow Pencils.

-You’re Still The One, after all these years.  The best $4 you will ever spend.  Seriously.  These pencils really do the trick.  You can get a couple shades (I use Blonde and Auburn) mixed together to create a natural color for photos or videos.  The first brow pencils I ever used on my own and after trying a ton of others, still a fav.  My only complaint is that you have to sharpen them!  I’m lazy!

4.  Liner Brush and Brow Wax & Powder.

-This is my “pulling out all the stops” brow look.  Sometimes it’s harder to make these look more natural because the wax is a bit heavier.  I use the wax and powder from this E.L.F kit.  But they also make a set where you can choose your own shade.  These products show up the darkest and best in photos, so they are what I used for the photo demo below.

How to Fill in Your Brows:

1.  Start by filling in the arch and tail of your brows.   This immediately helps you define the shape of your brows and you’ll probably end up using less product overall.

2.  Draw a line under your brow, connecting the front of brow to the arch.

3.  Draw a line above your brow, connecting again the front to the arch.

4.  Using an upward motion, lightly draw vertical lines at the start of your brow, in the direction the hair grows.  Filling in the front with light vertical lines looks more natural here than a solid line.

5.  Fill in rest of brow and then comb with a brow brush to blend.  If you are using a brow wax and powder, this is where you set the wax with the powder.  Wax first, powder second.

6.  Set with a brow gel.



Thank you for reading and Stay Glam!



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  • Pout Painters
    September 15, 2015

    That was a helpful tutorial. I am also working on amping up my brow game 🙂 -Sadaf

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