It Cosmetics Brushes (Feel/See/BELIEVE)

by Molly Gardner

Holy moley.

“Thou shall not covet” rang in my head every time I looked at the range of brushes from It Cosmetics.  But covet I did.

I had felt the brushes in real life at Ulta and I wanted ALL OF THEM…but I wasn’t ready to make the investment yet.  These brushes are incredible, but definitely an investment as they start at $24 and go up to $58.  So I started with lust in my eyes at the It Cosmetics website.

Like I said before in THIS post, sets are an amazing way to try a mix of products from a company without going broke.  November, December, & January are great months to look for sets, companies launch a lot of holiday sets around this time.  Although I check year round for beauty sets.  Because, well… you know, I’m crazy.

It Cosmetics is a new brand to me, so I was reading through their website one day to get some more info on all of their products.  Their holiday sets were launching on the website and they were incredible!  I got a set of six brushes for a friend’s gift and then was a greedy little piglet and went back and bought myself a set too.

Their sets were:  6 brushes for $39.50 ($182 value) or 8 brushes for $59.50 (sold out now).  The six brush set had the foundation brush I wanted so that’s the one I got for my friend and myself.  She also is completely obsessed with these brushes, by the way, and has already purchased a set for her sister.


The brushes in the set are the same bristles as their normal brushes, from what I remember (a big thing to check for when you are buying gift sets-make sure the quality is the same!!), however, the handles are silver instead of the traditional black color, and the ones in the set have rhinestones on the bottom and come with a travel carrying case.  How cute are the rhinestones?


The set included a: foundation brush, powder brush, concealer brush, crease brush, eye blender brush, and eyeliner brush with an eyebrow comb on the other end.

I use each of these brushes every single day.  The only one I don’t flat out love with my whole, whole heart is the crease brush.  It’s slightly too large and fluffy to be the proper size for me as a crease brush (maybe I have small eyelids?!).  So I use it as an eye blending brush.

I use the powder brush for my setting powder and for applying and blending bronzer.

I use the foundation brush to buff my foundation into my skin and around my hairline, after I apply and blend my foundation with my fingers.

I use the concealer brush similar to the foundation brush.  I apply and blending the concealer with my finger, the use this super soft concealer brush to blend the edges and buff the concealer into my skin.

The larger of the eye brushes is great for applying color all over your eyelid.  It grabs just the right amount of shadow and covers your whole lower eyelid area with one stroke.

The crease brush I use as an overall blending brush.

The eyeliner brush is the best I have EVER used.  I dip it in my liner shade of eyeshadow and it gives such a precise, tight line.  Incredible.

**The special thing about these brushes is how seamlessly they blend color into your face.  I think the easiest place to see what I’m talking about is on the eye makeup.  The bristles are so soft, it looks like the eyeshadow is just melting into your skin.  I have to blend so much less when I use my It Cosmetics brushes than with any other brushes.  The application quality on these brushes is incredible!!  If you are going to build a brush set one brush at a time, I’d recommend starting with the eyeshadow brushes, because I noticed a big difference when I started using the It brushes.**

This whole set is amazing, I highly recommend grabbing it while you still can. also usually has really good sets where they’ll pair a makeup item and a brush for a really good deal.  The It Cosmetics website has the full range of brushes.  I can spend an hour on their website reading about all the different brushes.  It’s my new favorite book, I guess. I should see if the ladies in my book club will consider it next ;).

Incredibly soft.

Incredibly soft.

Blends so seamlessy. Look at the edges already and the shadow has only been applied, no even blended yet!

Blends so seamlessy. Look at how smooth the edges are already and the shadow has only been applied, not even blended yet!

The liner brush is so precise. I used it to create a crisp cat eye with a chocolate brown eyeshadow.

The liner brush is so precise and gives a crisp, clean line.

Finished look.

Finished look.

Demo of each of the brushes.

Demo of each of the brushes.

It-Cosmetics-brushes-review-demo.jpeg It-Cosmetics-brushes-review-demo.jpegFinished look!

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Stay Glam!


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Renee May 3, 2014 - 1:06 am

Our Ulta has the It cosmetics and brushes… I haven’t really tried the brushes but I loved and bought the It Celebration Foundation and the Bye Bye Pores, and there was a redness correction cream that I liked but couldn’t buy at the time that was amazing. I will have to go back and try the brushes now!

Reply May 3, 2014 - 6:01 am

Around the holidays It Cosmetics has amazing brush sets! Their brushes are so soft!! I’m obsessed with all their makeup. Love the CC cream and the Bye Bye under eye concealer. The foundation looks amazing, but I haven’t tried that or the Bye Bye pores. How are they? I am slowly buying more and more It products as my budget allows. Love their products!


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