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/ March 6, 2018

Best Of Colourpop Cosmetics | Top 8 Products + Shades for Redheads

Very exciting news… Colourpop is now available in Ulta in select stores and online!

For the time being, it seems like a limited release, but if all goes well, how great would it be to swatch and try the full line up of Colourpop products in real life, without trying to figure out the best shades for you online?  So in honor of Colourpop and Ulta’s collaboration, I wanted to do a post of my favorite products and shades that I love for Strawberry Blondes  and Redheads.

I have been a big Colourpop fan from the beginning.  You can check out {this post} on my initial thoughts on the original Colourpop launch and {here} for all my past Colourpop posts.

In case you aren’t familiar with this brand, Colourpop has been an online only, direct-to-consumer brand that offers high end cosmetic formulas at prices from $5 for single items to $20 for sets. They actually have a few products on Revolve’s website too, which has been very under-the-radar, but it’s the last place you can buy their excellent cream bronzer formula, which is now discontinued.

They manufacture their own products in Los Angeles.  This allows them to offer the makeup at their low prices and also allows them an incredibly high turn around time for new and trendy shades.  What to try a burgundy lipstick?  Need a hot pink eyeshadow with glitter for a costume party and don’t want to spend over $5?  Colourpop has your back.  They have almost every shade imaginable or lips and eyes.  This year they ventured out with their first complexion product, a concealer.

There are a few products that I think Colourpop does extraordinarily well.  I generally don’t like to use makeup just because it’s affordable, I’m still really picky that it performs as well as any other product I’m using.  I’m not a makeup snob, I swear it’s just the makeup artist in me that wants the best finish and formula.

These Colourpop formulas are amazing and some of the best on the market:

1 | Lip Gloss, “Glossy Lip” – $6.  One of my all-time favorite lip gloss formulas.  Non-sticky, hydrating, with a wonderful color range.  This is a great product.  You can dab a bit right on the center of your lips, or do a really sheer layer all over for a light makeup day.

Favorite Shades: Aquarius, Finder’s Keepers, Weho, Tight Fit.

2 | Highlighter, “Super Shock Cheek Pearlized” – $8 each.  The shade Flexitarian is so gorgeous and reflective.  These blend in nicely with fingers, a beauty blender, or synthetic bristle highlight brush.  For cream formulas I like to use a smaller eyeshadow brush as my highlight to control the placement more.  I recommend going light and building to get the best blend out of the formula.  The new powder highlighter in Angel Food is one of the most unique shades I own and very soft and creamy for a powder!

Favorite Shades: Flexitarian for a super reflective highlight and Lunch Money for a more subtle highlight.  Angel Food for a powder highlight.

3 | Lip Liner, “Lippie Pencil” – $5.  These are a flat out steal!  They have a ton of pigment and glide very easily without tugging on the lips.  I use these constantly, I feel like I always have one or two in my purse.

Favorite Shades: Fighter (LE-Limited Edition, but sometimes they bring them back), Oh Snap, Chi, BFF, Bossy, I Heart This, Lumiere, Bichette.

4 | Lipstick, “Lippie Stix” – $5.  The lippie stix was the second Colourpop product I picked up, after the super shock shadows.  These are still one of my favorite products from them and they literally make every shade possible.  The nudes and reds are some of my favorite tones from them, but at $5 each, it’s great to try a tone out of your comfort zone as well.  I love that these don’t have an old school “lipstick” taste, like some brands can at this price point.

Favorite Shades:  Fighter (LE), I Heart This, Oh Snap, Trust Me, Cookie, Kiddo (LE), Sure Thing (LE), Juice Bar (LE), Bichette, Dazed (LE). Blotted Lip in Ice Cube.

5 | Concealer,No Filter Concealer” – $6.  I was so pumped when I saw that Colourpop was getting into skin products.  These concealers are great.  They feel so lightweight, but have decent coverage that easily builds up to full coverage with 2 swipes.  I really wish that Sephora would get these in store, as it is hard to find the right shade.  I’d also love to see a slightly more satin-finish version of this.  This formula leans more matte.  The weightless feeling of these is so great though!  (Fingers crossed for a Colourpop foundation soon!)

Favorite Shade: Light Neutral.

6 | Long Wear Lipstick, “Ultra Satin Lip” – $6.  I don’t typically love long-wear matte formulas, but this satin formula has gorgeous finish, especially in their reds and mauve shades.  The mauve shades look especially pretty if you use your finger to blot them into your lip!

Favorite Shades: Cozy, Echo Park, Magic Wand, Flitter (for center of lips).

7 | Cream Eyeshadow, “Super Shock Shadow” – $5 each.  This formula was slightly tricky for me at first, but then I realized the best way to apply them is by dabbing them over your lid with your finger, then I take this fluffy blending brush and blend out at the top edge.  If it’s a really shimmering shade, I place a powder sheer taupe shade in my crease first, then the Colourpop shadow.  I love the look of these cream shadows, they are great and give eyes a youthful appearance, without creasing.  The shades and finishes are just unreal, there are so many unique colors!  Once you get the application down, these shadows are an absolute dream to work with.

Favorite Shades: Amaze, Nillionaire, Weenie, Leopard (Limited Edition) “Lace” is similar, Mooning, Lectra (Limited Edition), Boy Band.


If you want to see more swatches and get more in depth info on each shade, here is my Colourpop for Redheads video:



Shop Colourpop | on their site, link for $5 off your first order:, Ulta Beauty, and Revolve.

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Thank you for reading! xo,


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