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/ August 21, 2023

The Best Eye Patches for Smoothing Under Eye Bags

I’ve tried so many eye patches to help with smoothing out the bags I can wake up with under my eyes. From incredibly expensive eye patches to generic gift-with-purchase patches, I have tried the whole range. I can honestly say, these $9 eye patches are the best I have ever used.

I had discovered this K-beauty brand through their amazing hair mask, which transformed my hair into silk after one use. I purchased their eye patches hoping for similar results and could not believe my eyes after using these. My skin was plump with zero irritation. I have sensitive skin and eyes, so this was amazing.

I’m on my second tub now, which is rare for me, as I’m used to trying new brands. But these have become my go-to eye patches. I use them one to two days a week, on the days I don’t do a ZIIP routine.


Elizavecca Gold Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patch

Quantity | 60 patches

Price | $10

shop Elizavecca Eye Patches | stylevana (save 10% with code SHOPGIRL) . amazon . yesstyle . iHerb

Why These Are The Best Eye Patches

The hyaluronic acid serum in this patches is a stand out ingredient. If you are not familiar with HA, it is a genius ingredient that works like a sponge, keeping moisture in your skin. The more water in your skin, the more plump and healthy it appears.

Hyaluronic acid works like a sponge soaking up water. Picture a sponge expanding as it soaks up fresh water. Hyaluronic acid helps to retain the water in your skin, so skin gets and stays plump, and doesn’t become dry and crepey throughout the day.

I find the plumping results especially noticeable under my eyes. The plumping effect is temporary and last me around 10-12 hours generally. Think of the sponge image again, to keep skin plump, you’ll need to use Hyaluronic Acid daily.

The other must-have for me is that these patches and ingredients are sensitive skin friendly. My eyes can get irritated easily. These patches not only do not irritate my skin, but they feel so refreshing under my eyes.

How To Use

There is some heated debate online (ha!) about whether the larger oval side goes on the outside edge of the eye, or on the inside, directly over the eye bag. I personally prefer having the larger section of the patch over the outside corner of my eye. This area is where I have the most fine lines and I love getting some extra smoothing there before makeup.

I think it really comes down to personal preference or the results you want that day. If you are hoping to get under eye bags more smooth, try the larger section of the patch directly over the bags. But if you are like me and wanting fine lines a bit smoother in the crow’s feet area, place the larger section there.

I like to put my patches on as soon as I wake up, even before pouring my first cup of coffee, and then let them get to work as I get ready for the morning. I try to leave them on for at least half an hour, but even five to ten minutes will give you some results if you are in more of a rush.

You don’t have to wash your face after, but I usually do, and then finish with my a.m. skincare routine.

My Results

I left these patches on for about an hour today while I had coffee and wrote. Here is my before and after.

I do try to take before-and-after pictures in exactly the same position and lighting, but in the “before” here my lips are slightly more pursed. However, I do still feel like the results accurately show the smoothing “sponge” effect of the hyaluronic acid, giving my fine lines a plump.

I hope this post is helpful if you’ve been on the hunt for a great under eye patch. I can’t recommend these highly enough!

shop Elizavecca Eye Patches | stylevana (save 10% with code SHOPGIRL) . amazon . yesstyle . iHerb



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