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MAC Lipsticks

Full Size | .10 oz | $23-$26

Travel Size | .06 oz | $15

shop MAC lipsticks at | MAC official . saks 5th ave . ulta beauty . violet grey . nordstrom

MAC Cosmetics produce the biggest range of shades to suit every skin and under tone. It was my go-to brand as a makeup artist because I knew I could find shades to work on every client. They are consistently great formulas. I thought it would be helpful to share swatches of some of their shades!

1 | Blankety | soft pink beige (semi-luster)

This is one of MAC’s lightest shades. I use this sometimes to emphasize the center of my lips, but beyond that, this shade turned out to be too light for me. If I try to wear it on it’s own, it washes me out.

Blankety works best to highlight the center of the lips or for the most fair complexions.

2 | Viva Glam II | Creamy subdued pinkish beige mauve (satin)

This shade surprised me, because I typically love a mauve! However, it was too light and too flat looking on me. This shade would be great for cooler undertones and fair skin.

3 | Thanks, It’s M.A.C. | Taupey pink nude with silver pearl (lustreglass sheer)

This is my ultimate MAC lipstick! I even bought a second tube so that I always have one in my purse. It’s the perfect neutral lip shade and the sheer finish is my personal preference. It’s so easy to wear and touch up.

“Thanks, It’s M.A.C.” is truly one of my all-time favorite MAC shades.

4 | Modesty | Muted neutral pink (cream)

“Modesty” is the newest neutral shade I’ve picked up from MAC. It’s very similar to “Thanks, It’s M.A.C.” but it’s a touch cooler toned and a more opaque cream finish. It’s really pretty and I think will pair well with smokey eye makeup.

5 | Hug Me | Blushed Nude (lustreglass sheer)

“Hug Me” has a great sheer finish and would be the perfect neutral lip for medium and tan skin tones with neutral or warm undertones.

6 | Velvet Teddy | Deep-tone beige (matte)

This is a matte rose shade with some brownish tones. It’s a true neutral and looks good with cool and warm complexions. Velvet Teddy was a bit too warm on me, however, I think this shade looks beautiful on medium and deeper skin tones.

7 | Mehr | Mid-tone mauve pink (matte)

If you love a plummy mauve lip shade, this is the one for you. I think this shade is really stunning. It might have slightly too much pink in the coloring for some redheads, but for other hair colors, this is a winner.

8 | Whirl | Dirty Rose (matte)

While lip liner is my must have liner. I’ve purchased it three times now and can not be without this shade. It’s actually the liner I’m wearing with each of these lipstick swatches.

So I could not have been more surprised when this lipstick shade didn’t work out on me. I think this shade would be stunning on tan and deep skin tones with cooler or neutral undertones.

9 | Business Casual | Warm Red Nude (lustreglass sheer)

I absolutely love this warm red shade. It would be my go-to red for ever day wear, except that it travels outside my lip lines and starts to look messy even with lip liner. I might try in again with liner all over my lips to see if that works, because the shade itself is so pretty.

10 | Lady Danger | Vivid bright coral-red (matte)

If you want a show stopper bright lip, this shade is great. It’s super bright, fun, and stays in place.

11 | Chili | Warm Brick Red (matte)

This is M.A.C.’s number 1, best-selling shade! Chili is also one of my personal favorites (Thanks, It’s MAC for everyday and Chili for a bold lip). It’s an incredibly flattering shade and comfortable formula. A total winner!

shop MAC lipsticks at | MAC official . saks 5th ave . ulta beauty . violet grey . nordstrom



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