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/ June 6, 2021

ABH Strawburn vs Caramel Eyebrow Shades | Swatches of Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz for Redheads

Anastasia Beverly Hills just re-released their brow wiz and brow definer in the shade Strawburn. This is a great shade for natural light redheads and lighter Strawberry Blondes. I wanted to do side-by-side swatches with their Caramel shade to make it easier for you to find the right shade for your hair and brow color.

The new Strawburn shade is only available at this time in the Brow Wiz, their thinnest pencil, and Brow Definer, their triangle shaped pencil with thin and thick edges. I would be interested to try the Strawburn shade in their Tinted Brow Gel, but they have not made that yet. I purchased the Brow Wiz in Strawburn and Caramel for this post.

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Strawburn vs Caramel

  • Strawburn is one shade lighter and warmer toned than Caramel. It would be great for someone with naturally warmer, light red eye brows.
  • Caramel also has a warm tone, but is a little darker than Strawburn, with slightly more brown in the formula.

Caramel ended up looking more natural on me (scroll to bottom of post), but I can see Strawburn looking best on a natural redhead or someone wanting warmer red eyebrows.

I do color my hair to a level 7-8 Strawberry Blonde and also have naturally cooler toned eyebrows. From my updated eyebrow tutorial, I have found it’s best for me to fill in the outline and gaps in my brows with Dipbrow in Ash Brown to match my natural hairs, then use ABH Brow Gel in Caramel to add warmth, so that my brows match my hair better.

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  1. Know of any dupes for either color? I am currently on a TIGHT budget and it’s getting annoying cutting the budget elsewhere to afford brow wiz.

    • Hi Denise! I totally get that and have three suggestions for you.

      1: if you are set on the ABH colors, then I recommend trying their Brow Definer or Perfect Brow Pencil. Both have significantly more product than the Brow Wiz and last me so much longer.

      2: Covergirl makes a great brow pencil in the shade Honey Brown which is a terrific caramel shade! The best I’ve found at an affordable price point.

      3: Ulta and Sephora tend to have once yearly 50% “Beauty Steals” on ABH Brow Wiz which is a great time to stock up if you love that specific ultra thin style pencil. If you subscribe to their rewards emails, you’ll usually get a direct notice emailed about the sale.

      I hope these suggestions help! – Molly

      Brow Definer link |
      Perfect Brow Pencil link |
      Covergirl Honey Brown link | ulta link |