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/ March 16, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Auburn | Review + Swatch

Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for making eyebrows great and polished and lovely.  Their new product, dipbrow, is a tinted brow pomade that is said to be waterproof and smudgeproof.


It’s available in 5 shades: Blonde, Auburn, Chocolate, Dark Brown, and Ebony.  The pomade comes in a round pot and retails for $18.  You will need a small angled brush and eyebrow comb to apply it.

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I have never applied an eyebrow product that applied so smoothly.  You just need to touch your brush to the top of the pot so lightly, and I mean like trying to pet a butterfly lightly, and then apply from there.  The pomade glides on easily.

The pomade is so pigmented that a little truly goes a long way.  I have been using this product for a month and it looks like I just opened the pot.  I can’t imagine ever using a whole pot.  Dats a lotta brows!

It is waterproof and sweatproof.  I put Dipbrow on in the morning and it doesn’t fade, move, flake, or come off until I take it off at night.  A+.

Auburn is a lovely and natural looking red.  Sometimes eyebrow pencils in auburn look almost like a bright red, but this is a very natural, true-redhead-type shade.


The shade range is a bit dark.  I bought auburn and just wish it was a teenier bit lighter.  The shades are all pretty dark, except for Blonde, and Taupe, which will be released in Fall 2014.

So if you are truly light, it might be difficult to find a match.  I really have to blend my dipbrow out once applied so that my brows don’t look fake or overly made up.

The formula is lovely and isn’t what looks fake, it’s just the color is so dark at first.  I have to blend a lot and quickly before the formula sets.

How I use Dipbrow

I keep the pot stored with the lid tightly closed, so the pomade doesn’t dry out.  Once I open it, I lightly touch both sides and the top of my angled brush into the pomade.

I fill in my brows normally, as described in this post.  Once applied, I use my brow comb and quickly brush my brows so the pomade and my brows look blended and natural, but filled in.

On days when I’m not being lazy, I then set my brows with brow gel to hold everything in place.


anastasia-beverly-hills-eyebrows-dipbrow-auburn-pomade-review-demo-swatch.jpeg anastasia-beverly-hills-eyebrows-dipbrow-auburn-pomade-review-demo-swatch.jpeg anastasia-beverly-hills-eyebrows-dipbrow-auburn-pomade-review-demo-swatch.jpeg anastasia-beverly-hills-eyebrows-dipbrow-auburn-pomade-review-demo-swatch.jpeg anastasia-beverly-hills-eyebrows-dipbrow-auburn-pomade-review-demo-swatch.jpeg


The Dipbrow pomade is one of the silkiest and most pigmented formulas I’ve ever used.  I highly recommend it!  I do recommend purchasing it in a shade lighter than you’ll think you need, if possible.

This brow pomade is a great deal, it’s so pigmented that you just need the lightest touch to fill in all your brows.  I will be using it a lot during the summer as well, as it is humidity and water proof.  Great product!

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    • Thanks! I actually started using their pencil in Caramel, a shade lighter and am going to do a full post on it soon!!