L’oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner: Review & Swatch of Shades Black & Highlighter

L’oreal has come out with a new eyeliner that will be winning them some new fans.  It’s their new “Silkissime” eyeliner (side note: I have no idea how to say this name which I realized when I was filming the demo) from their Infallible line.  L’oreal says it glides on like silk and has 16 hour wear.

I’m not sure why, but there was something about this eyeliner that made me feel like I had to try it when I saw in on display at the store.  Silkissime and I must have had a cosmic connection, lolzzzz.

I purchased mine at Rite Aid when they first came out, but are available at most drugstores now.  I got the Black and Highlighter shades.  They also have Charcoal and Plum, but no Brown (please come out with a Deep Brown, L’oreal!  Holla if ya hear me!)  They are $9.99 for a .03 oz pencil.  They do require sharpening.


So pigmented!!

So pigmented!!

First, I’m super glad to see a Highlighter shade available in a drugstore.  Before, this shade was very tricky to find without having to spend a bit more on a higher end brand.  It’s perfect for the inner corners of your eyes (makes them look brighter), down the center of your nose, and above your “cupid’s bow” of your mouth (gives your lips a fuller looking pout).

Color & Pigment:

This is the best pigment I’ve ever seen in a drugstore brand!  It’s comparable to the new Marc Jacobs eyeliner that just launched at Sephora.  The black is a true, deep matte black and the highlighter is a true pink shade with slight shimmer.  Each requires only one pass for full color.


I did find that the liners last all day without any need for a touch up above my eye and on the inner corner of my eye.  On the inside of my eye, my “water line,” I did need to touch up the line every 4 hours or so.

These do not move once they are set.  I use DHC Cleansing Oil to gently take them off along with the rest of my makeup, but otherwise they don’t budge if you rub your eye or if you are swimming, get caught in the rain, etc.  They also don’t fade, which is pretty incredible.  The color stays true all day.

16-hour wear.

16-hour wear.


These really do glide on like silk.  They are so smooth, there is absolutely no tugging or pulling .  I do find that they “set” pretty quickly, so if I make a mistake or go too thick with the line, I clean it up right away.


A note on these, I’m noticed that people seem to be having trouble sharpening these, because of the gold bar design at the top.  I use the NARS pencil sharpener ($6), which is the best pencil sharpener on all of earth, so I haven’t had a problem.  Super easy sharpening for me.  Just get the NARS sharpener and you’ll waste less product too while you are sharpening because the design is a win-win.


This is one of my favorite new products and I will definitely be repurchasing it.  I use each of the pencils daily and highly recommend them!!

Click HERE to see the demo video so you can see these pencils doin’ their thang.

Thank you for reading!

loreal-silkissime-eyeliner-black-highlighter-review-demo-swatches.jpeg loreal-silkissime-eyeliner-black-highlighter-review-demo-swatches.jpeg

*Update* I have added a super quick video on my youtube channel on how to sharpen these bad boys!

How to Sharpen Video

Go Get Glam!



  • dollarstorecraftsdotcom
    May 6, 2015

    Thanks for the tip on the Nars sharpener! I used my regular sharpener on this and got spiky edges on the pencil that made it too sharp to use.

    I LOVE the silver Silkissime pencil!

    • Girl Get Glamorous
      May 6, 2015

      Glad it helped! I feel like my $6 investment has gone so far! I will never use another sharpener, I’ve tried others and they waste so much pencil.

      I haven’t tried the silver yet, it looks gorgeous though. – xo

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