Berry Ain’t Scary!

If you don’t like reading, this whole post can be summarized in one word:  BLOT.  Blot your lipstick, girl.

Full intensity.

Full intensity.  Covergirl “Smitten.”


Same lipstick blotted.


If you like reading:

My mission on this post?  Make berry and plum lipstick wearable.

Fall makeup.  For years, I’ve been opening September Issues of fashion magazines and thinking “AGH TOO MUCH PURPLE ON THE FACES.”  The advertising pages and the “From the Runway” looks scared me.  Plum and Berry lipstick scared me. I was scared.  It all seemed very, very intense.

Then finally this year, it all hit me.  Ads and runway looks are intense for a purpose.  So You Remember Them.  Even our eyes pausing for one more second on a photo is important to companies.  That’s the reason for advertising.


But for everyday life, I like my makeup to enhance, but not be really seen.  (Even though, every single day, I wear the amount of makeup most people wear only on their wedding day.)  Blending & Blotting are my two best friends and I love neutral, soft colors.  In trying out this berry look though, I found that the lipsticks when blotted actually most closely matched the natural color of my lips.  Somebody found herself new neutral!  Life.




So here’s what I did:

When I applied the shades at full intensity, I kept the rest of my makeup very simple and clean.

Simple makeup with Covergirl "Smitten."

Simple makeup with Covergirl “Smitten.”

...and again with L'oreal "Mulberry."

…and again with L’Oreal “Mulberry.”

When I wanted a softer berry look that could be wearable for daytime, I blotted the lipstick, then applied Cocoa Butter Vaseline over them so my lips didn’t look dry.

After blotting, I really think these shades that look so intense in the tube and at first swipe, look the most natural!

Can you even believe this is the same L'oreal Mulberry lipstick??  I KNOW.

Can you even believe this is the same L’oreal Mulberry lipstick?? I KNOW.

The rest of my makeup:

Like I said, I think simple and clean is the way to go with the rest of your makeup.  Eyes with neutrals or browns, or a clean cat eye look.

For blush, I used Bobbi Brown blush in Tawny, a beautiful dusty rose shade.


I found two incredible berry shaded nail polishes.  (Both on super sale at ULTA, I could barely handle it.  “It” = my excitement.)  China Glaze in “Purr-fect” and a more sheer shade, OPI’s “Houston We Have A Purple.”  Plum or Berry nails look so rich and creamy.

OPI "Houston We Have A Purple."  Looks intense in the bottle, comes out a sheer, jelly-like transparent berry.

OPI “Houston We Have A Purple.” Looks intense in the bottle, comes out a sheer, jelly-like transparent berry.

In case you didn't believe me.

In case you didn’t believe me.

I mean!  My pretty!

I mean! My heart….so pretty!

Purr-fect plum

If you aren’t into matching nails and lipstick. try a pretty natural beige nail.  I like Revlon’s “Trade Winds.”

So gorgeous with rich berry lips!

So gorgeous with rich berry lips!

Time for my kind of art gallery:  Lipstick photo galleries!

Covergirl lipstick in “Smitten”:


L’Oreal lipstick in “Mulberry”:

And finally, Laura Geller Color Drenched Lip Gloss in “Raspberry Roast.”:

Thank you for reading!  Have a Berry nice day!  AHAHAhahahhahahahahhaaa.  … Sigh.

xoxo – Girl Get Glamorous



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