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/ October 24, 2015

The Best Berry Lipsticks for Fair Skin + Redheads

It’s still 80 degrees in L.A. right now as I type, but I am willing Fall temperatures to happen.  I love berry and mauve lipstick shades all year round, but I swear, they look even better in the fall. 

I used to think I could never wear these gorgeous deep berry shades, being so fair.  Once I found the right tones though, I realized how universally flattering berry lipsticks can be.

I love how the shade contrasts with fair skin and berry is also super flattering with Strawberry Blonde and red hair. These are my top picks for my fair skinned and red headed ladies.


1 | Buxom Full Force Lipstick

shade: Influencer | $20

shop Buxom | buxom official . ulta beauty

I love this lipstick formula so much and the Influencer shade is so easy to wear. It’s a great mid tone mauve. I find it so flattering on, especially in photos!

2 | Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick

shade: Fresh | $30

shop LM Matte | laura mercier official . sephora . saks 5th ave . cult beauty (international shipping)

If you are looking for major pigment, this Laura Mercier lipstick is a great find. I get full coverage in one swipe. Also, the smaller lipstick bullet makes it easy to get precise application.

This shade is a gorgeous subtle berry shade.

3 | Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain

shade: 38 Sweet Raspberry | $15

shop SC Cream Lip Stain | sephora

This is the most full coverage and pigmented shade out of all the berries. The Sephora Collection stains wear really nicely and don’t dry out my lips.

This shade is a true berry.

4 | Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick

shade: Secret Selma | $34

shop CT Matte Revolution | charlotte tilbury official . sephora

If you are looking for a more subtle berry, the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Secret Selma is a good choice. It’s a more subdued berry.

The formula is comfortable on the lips and wears on me for around 4 hours before needing a touch up.

5 | Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

shade: Damned | $27

shop Nars Velvet Matte | nars official . saks 5th ave . sephora

This is a deeper berry tone, for a more dramatic lip. This particular formula from Nars lasts a half a day or longer before requiring a touch up. I love the intensity of this deep berry shade.

Wearing "Berry Me" and my favorite sweater. Fall, where ya at?

Thank you for reading my top berry picks!  What is your favorite lipstick shade for Fall?


Thank you for reading and being a part of the blog!  – Molly



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  1. I am a redhead for over 35 years now. They discontinued one formula from my hair color a few years ago & my color hasn’t been the same. My hairdresser mixed 3 different colors. She came me the formula & it was always perfect until they discontinued the color !!!! Its really nice but not like what I had. Now i starting trying different products. I love love love the color in the picture above. What is the formula in the Pin It above…love it!!!!!! As far as the lip color I’m sorry not too crazy about it. I will look later & let you know what I use!!!! I use a lot of corals with my red hair & they look great!!! I have a gorgeous pink I wear also. Thank you so much for all your postings I love reading them & trying some of your things!!! Hope you will write back & tell me the formula of your color!!!