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Topnotch Topknot.

A topknot, a.k.a. fancy word for bun, is awesome and fast and looks way fancier and harder than it is.

Step 1:  High ponytail.  Pull all you hair up on top of your head.  You should be able to see the ponytail when you look in the mirror.  I don’t do mine super tight or smooth, but if you prefer it slick and JLo like, then use a boar bristle brush to get the hair super smooth.  I secure my ponytail with a tight hair elastic.

Step 2: Spray the hair in the ponytail with hair spray or a texture spray to add volume and give the hair grip.

Step 3:  Start to work the hair from the ponytail around the base of the elastic.  You want to work the hair so that it’s loose and full, but smooth.  I hold the hair that’s already been shaped into the bun with one hand and work the rest of the hair with my other.  I keep pulling it apart and around to create a fuller bun, as opposed to just wrapping all the hair tightly around the elastic.

Step 4:  Tuck the ends under the bun and…

Step 5:  It’s officially bobby pin time.  I put bobby pins all around the base of the bun.  I make the bun look even and secure any wonky pieces with a bobby pin.

Step 6:  Spray with a little hairspray and you’re good to go, boo.


Here are a few close ups of Step 3, me holding the bun in one hand and finger combing/wrapping the hair around.  Full disclosure, I tried filming a tutorial on this twice and both videos came out weird looking.  But if this really doesn’t make sense, please comment and I’ll try it again.  Third time is a charm 🙂

how-to-do-a-high-bun-top-knot-tutorial.jpeg how-to-do-a-high-bun-top-knot-tutorial.jpeg how-to-do-a-high-bun-top-knot-tutorial.jpeg

Thank you for reading!  Tag me in your Instagram pictures if you try this look and love it @girlgetglamorous.   I want to see your buns, hun!

Go Get Glam!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.