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Dolce & Gabbana “Monica” Voluptuous Lipsticks | Review & Swatches

Dolce & Gabbana Monica Voluptuous lipsticks are named after Monica Bellucci, show-stopping Italian beauty and D & G muse.  They are said to “embody the sensuality of the Italian woman.”

They retail for $34 a .12 oz tube (the embodiment of an Italian Woman does not come cheap, my friends) and come in 9 shades.  I’m swatching the 4 nude shades that I received samples of, which are Nude Monica, True Monica, Natural Monica, and Gentle Monica.

Before I tried the first shade I thought the price was a bit steep, to be honest.  Even for a luxury brand, $34 is on the higher side for a lipstick.

Then I put it on.

My first thought was “Oh, I get it now.”  It is creamy, incredibly pigmented, and hydrating.  It lasted hours without fading.  In short, it is the jam.

The lipstick plumps your lips slightly, without any of the tingly feeling that is normally associated with plumping lip products.

The only downside was that this lipstick definitely has a weird taste/smell.  It’s similar to the taste of the L’Oreal Colour Riche lipsticks.  I prefer no scent or taste when it comes to lip products.  It always has seemed odd to me to have perfume in a lipstick.  I’m incredibly high-maintenance and it’s the one place I’m fine with not having a pretty scent.

Back to the positives: the creaminess of this lipstick is really incredible.  It melts into your lips like a stick of (pretty) butter.

The Nude Monica is slightly too light for my preference, but would look good on someone who wears beige tones well.  The True Monica shade is a more universal nude shade, still very light, but with a hint of peachy pink.  The Natural Monica is a gorgeous nude rose shade.  This was my favorite shade of the four.  On me, it was a slightly deeper shade of my own lip color.  The Gentle Monica is pretty, but slightly too dark for my skin tone.  It would be a really pretty natural lip shade on a medium or darker skin tone.

I liked the finish of the lipstick.  They all had a cream finish, without any shimmer.  The cream finish really helped with the plumping effect on my lips.

Overall, I really loved this lipstick.  The color stays true for hours and did make my lips look fuller.  The pigment is great.  More pigment means you have to put less on, so one or two swipes should do.  The shades were all pretty in their own ways.  I’d love to try Attractive Monica next, a cool red.

Clap yo hands, the swatches are here!

dolce-and-gabbana-beauty-monica-voluptuous-lipstick-swatch-review-nude-natural-true-gentle.jpeg dolce-and-gabbana-beauty-monica-voluptuous-lipstick-swatch-review-nude-natural-true-gentle.jpeg

Nude Monica.

Nude Monica.

True Monica

True Monica

Natural Monica.

Natural Monica.

Gentle Monica.

Gentle Monica.


Thank you for reading!  I hope this review was helpful, share with a friend who loves the fancy life.  Follow @girlgetglamorous on Instagram for daily beauty pics.




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