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Shea Moisture Body Washes + Lotions | Review

Shea Moisture is a brand I had walked past a million times at the drugstore and finally one day it caught my attention in the “buy me” way.

So buy it, I did.

I purchased the African Black soap body wash and the Raw Shea Moisture Lotion.  It was the middle of summer in Los Angeles and… It.  Was. Hot.

A really sexy thing happens to me in the summer: I get heat rashes.  I know.  Don’t get too jealous.

I get heat rashes and they are so uncomfortable and my skin itches and I’m sweaty and I’m just in constant misery of like “when will the heat stop?!”

Life in Hollywood: All Glamour, All The Time.

I started using this soap immediately because it said it helps with “problem” skin.  I was nervous that it might be too harsh and that they meant it was  more geared to treat acne, but gave it a go.  I also tried the lotion.  Both smelled aaaaaMAZING.  But the lotion was way too heavy for summer so it went back into the beauty closet for colder temps.

I kept using the body wash and not only did my skin clear up, but it also felt super hydrated.  Normally after using even a “hydrating” body wash, my skin would feel tight.  But the Shea Moisture made it feel perfectly balanced.

I really feel like this body wash is magic because it cleared up my skin in the summer and has kept it hydrated all winter.


One of my favorite things about this body wash is that it is affordable, it’s around $10 a bottle, and can be found in most drugstores and beauty stores like Ulta (you can also use your Ulta coupons on this brand).  I went through my first bottle in two months because I was showering twice a day in the L.A. summer heat (sorry, California!) but now that I’m back to once a day the bottle is lasting longer.

The body butters are 6 oz, body washes are 13 oz, lotions are 13 oz, and the baby lotion is 12 oz.  The body butters are about half the size of the lotions, which is kind of a big deal considering they are the same price.


The scents are divine.  Warm, but not fake in any way.  The scents are really high end.  I don’t get a headache using them.  They melt into your skin and leave a gentle, but not overpowering scent.


The ingredients are pure, no junk or chemicals. Honestly, I usually have an allergic reaction to all-natural products (which makes NO sense to me!) but this one treats me right.  I honestly feel like they could sell the body line at Sephora in the $28-$30 range.  The ingredients are SO pure!

shea-moisture-best-top-drugstore-body-lotion-wash-product-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles-all-natural-skincare-affordable.jpec shea-moisture-best-top-drugstore-body-lotion-wash-product-beauty-blog-blogger-los-angeles-all-natural-skincare-affordable.jpec


The only downside is the squeeze bottle for the lotions.  It starts to get really hard to get the product out because the plastic is so thick.  I started taking the cap off and shaking a handful out, but it gets a little messy that way.  The same bottle is fine for the thinner texture body wash, but for the lotion it’s too hard to get it out.

I went back to the store and picked up a few more Shea Moisture body butters and lotions that come in different bottles.

The Lavender & Wild Orchid scent has a flip top lid and flexible plastic body.  The Baby Healing Lotion has a firm plastic bottle and pump dispenser.

I go back and forth on which is my favorite.

The pump is nice because you can get the lotion out with one hand.  But I love that you can squeeze the body butters out easily with the flip top AND I’m a plastic-package-cutter.  I always cut the top off my plastic tub products and scoop out the rest when it’s almost done.  All class, all the time.  That’s me!

Lotion Scents/Textures

I was afraid the Lavender would smell too “Groovy Baby”, but it has a medium-level, pleasant scent.   Not too overpowering and it seems to fade a couple hours in.

The baby lotion might be my favorite scent, it’s also light and yummy smelling.

The Coconut & Hibiscus I thought would be my favorite, but it’s just okay to me.  Nice and fruity but not as “coconut” as I expected.

The Olive & Green Tea is also nice, slightly more unisex and “spa” scented.

I went a little crazy trying all the scents.

I went a little crazy trying all the scents.

They both absorb nicely, but the Shea Moisture lotions (Raw Shea and African Black) are on the heavy side.  So these are good for me now with dry skin, even some days they are still too heavy, but I will have to switch to something lighter in the summer.  It surprised me that the Body Butters have a lighter texture than all the Lotions, except the Baby Lotion.

I think the Baby Lotion might also be my favorite texture and packaging.

My Favorites

I ended up trying almost all the body lotions and body washes (yowzas).  My favorite body wash is the African Black Soap.  My favorite lotion is the Baby Healing Lotion.

In conclusion

This is a brand I am SO happy I finally tried.

It’s great to find a product that is all-natural, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin AND is affordable and easy to find.  This is a high-end formula at a drugstore price.

The smells are amazing, but natural and not overpowering.  Win / Win / Win.  Shea Moisture, You Rock.

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Thank you for reading!  Have you tried any Shea Moisture body products?  Leave me a comment below!



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Tuesday 26th of January 2016

Hi Molly!! I recently bought the Jamaican Black Castor Oil shampoo to "strengthen, grow and restore" and it is awesome! Smells great, has an amazing lather, and I have baby hairs growing at my hairline now :) I got the Yucca & Plaintain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Masque the other day and have used it 2x and it's also great. Bonus points: where it touches my back when it sitting in my hair also gets super soft. I will now try the body wash also because the hair products are a total win for me!

Girl Get Glamorous

Monday 29th of February 2016

Hi Ashley,

I'm so happy to hear the hair products worked for you! Their hair products were a bit too heavy for me, which surprised me, because me hair is very textured. But man o man do I love their body products. Such a great brand!!

xo Molly

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.