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/ January 9, 2016

Boxycharm December 2015 Unboxing | Makeup Hacks

December’s “Pop Fizz Clink” Boxycharm makeup subscription box was a surprise hit for me!  I initially thought it was a good box and as always, I love the themes and color coordination.  But…

It wasn’t my most favorite “from-the-second-I-opened-it” box.  However, I’m finding myself using the products a TON.  It’s turned out to be one of my favorite boxes yet.

The December box contained 6 full size products and cost, as always, $21 including shipping in the US.



  1.  Bellapiere Lip Liner in Cinnamon, $18:  This has been my most-used item from the box.  I LOVE the shade and it blends so nicely.  It’s slightly darker than my natural lips and looks amazing when I use it to line my lips, then smudge it slightly in, and top with nude lipstick like this.
  2. Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Americano, $19:  This is a brown shade that can 1: be used to create a 90’s grunge look.  2: Be mixed with lipsticks that are too pink to create a gorgeous rose shade.  I’ve been mixing it with a Colourpop liquid lipstick (So Low) that is way too pink for me and it’s just stunning.  And now I have a wearable shade, it’s amazing!
  3. Tatcha Blotting Papers, $12 for 30 papers:  These have gold flakes in them that make the paper so stunning, you almost don’t want to use them.  They are the most perfect blotting papers of all time, they blot but don’t take away moisture.  I would say this is my 2nd most used product from the box.  I’ve been wanting to try Tatcha products for awhile, and these papers exceeded my expectations!!
  4. Nelson J Coconut Scent Moisture Healing Mask, $23:  To be honest, the first time I used this, it felt a little on the too-thin side for me for a mask.  But I tried it again yesterday and then had to blow out and flat iron my hair in a time crunch.  Double heat whammy.  But my hair felt so silky as I started drying it, then by the end of the flat iron it still looked noticeably healthier and still had volume.  I am a major believer now!  I also like that it really smelled like coconut, not in the fake scented way.  The scent is really amazing.
  5. NCLA So Rich Cuticle Oil, $16:  I got the Rose Petals scent and it’s incredible!  Something is slightly drying out my hands though, and I’m hoping it’s a base coat I tried and not this oil.  The scent is Top Notch and I want to be able to keep using it.
  6. Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Luminizer Gel, $16:  I like the gel formula because it has a lighter texture and can be easily mixed with most body lotions.  You can use it to add a subtle illumination to your collarbone, arms, and legs.  It doesn’t feel sticky or heavy and diffuses the light beautifully.  In the photo below, I mixed a dime size of the gel with a dime size of lotion and used that to even out and diffuse the redness on my neck and chest.



I really like how both the luminizer gel and the Ofra lipstick can be used multiple ways.  In a box that was already jam-packed, I feel like I got even more mileage out of it.  I feel like I have been using the Bellapiere lip liner and the Tatcha blotting papers almost daily.  Overall, another great box.

Thank you for reading!  I know I say this every month, but I do feel like Boxycharm is one of the better deals for subscription boxes, because everything is full size.  I always find at least a couple of items per box that I become completely obsessed with and use regularly.


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