November + December Boxycharm Unboxings

by Molly Gardner

Is there anything better than surprises?  Yes.  Makeup surprises.  That come in the mail.

I am oddly obsessed with the US Postal service.  I look forward to the mail in a way that almost makes me uncomfortable.  Like, do I need to spice up my life some more?  It also helps that our mail man is the most adorable older Chinese man who is super friendly and always has a smile for me and one day he said, “Boy, you get a lot of packages.”  I don’t know why, but that was and is hysterically funny to me.  Calling me out on it.  Makeup junkie life.

November’s Boxycharm box came a little late and December’s came a little early so I thought I’d roll them into one supersized makeup post!  November’s Boxycharm was all about color and sparkle and December’s theme was Jingle Belles.  Quick catch up, in case you are new to the blog, Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box, it’s $21 and includes US shipping, each box contains 4-5 deluxe or full size products.  It’s usually mostly full size.

November’s “Sparkle and Shine” box included five full size products:

– glitter eyeliner from Tara Tarantino, I received black sparkle.  It’s just the right pigment of black for me to wear under my eye.  I think I might also wear it over false lashes for a hint of sparkle for holiday events.

– Paradise Pink blush from Ofra, with just a hint of sheen.  I wore this blush the same day I got it and it gave me the perfect rosy flush.  It has just enough sheen to look like a natural flush and not flat.

– eye primer, from Mica Beauty, a mineral makeup company, retail $45.  I love that it’s mineral based and I feel like this pot is going to last me fooooor-ev-er.  A little goes a long way.  A dab will do ya.  Any other expressions I missed?  But seriously, I’m excited to try it.  This is why I love beauty boxes.  Finding new brands is rad.

– shimmer pigment in “Excite” from BellaPierre, a mineral makeup company, retail $14.99.  Shimmer pigments are awesome because you can dust this powder lightly on top of your cheekbones for a highlight, on your collarbone for a similar highlighted effect, or on the center of your eyelids to make your eyes look bigger.  I like this powder applied with a fan brush, then blended with a damp beauty blender, so it looks like a real skin glow.  This is a soft white shade, with undertones of blue and purple shimmer.  Because of that blue/purple, I love it on the center of my eyes on it’s own or over deeper shadows.

– Kevin Murphy color bug, I received purple.  I’m not a huge wild colors for my hair person, but do think it’s cute on other people.  I wish I was wild, but I’m a person who gets excited for my daily mail, so…  Haha.  It does seem like a great quality product though, and I love the “K” imprint when you open the package.  Branding is fascinating to me, I love business stuff!  Nerd for life.

november-boxycharm-december-makeup-beauty-subcription-box-2014-2015.jpeg november-boxycharm-december-makeup-beauty-subcription-box-2014-2015.jpeg november-boxycharm-december-makeup-beauty-subcription-box-2014-2015.jpeg november-boxycharm-december-makeup-beauty-subcription-box-2014-2015.jpeg

December’s box might have been my favorite yet!!

– Mink Eyelashes from Lina Lash, $30.

– Coastal Scents “Revealed” palette, list price $39.95, on sale for $19.95.  I checked out the Coastal Scents website, and they seem to do a lot of listing something at a higher price, then permanently doing 50% off.  I kind of wish they’d just sell it at $19.95.  This is a great palette, but when you consider that the Holy Grail palettes for most people, the Lorac Pro and the Stila In the Light palettes are around $40 each, this would be a tough price to pay.  The colors are great and the metallics especially have nice pigment.  I just wouldn’t put it in the $40 price range.  So I guess this is more of a marketing issue for me, ha!

– Be a Bombshell lipstick, in Hollywood, $14.  This is a pretty orange, red shade.  I checked out the website and was excited to see this is a makeup line that was started by a female entrepreneur three years ago.  I love supporting women who start their own businesses.  This peach blush also looks pretty…

– Mistura Beauty retractable brush, $19.95.  Retractable brushes are great for traveling if you are casual with your makeup and don’t want to bring a whole brush set in a bag.

– Eva NYC hair spray, $7-$12, travel size.  This hairspray was great!  It comes through easily and held nicely.

november-boxycharm-december-makeup-beauty-subcription-box-2014-2015.jpeg november-boxycharm-december-makeup-beauty-subcription-box-2014-2015.jpeg november-boxycharm-december-makeup-beauty-subcription-box-2014-2015.jpeg november-boxycharm-december-makeup-beauty-subcription-box-2014-2015.jpegnovember-boxycharm-december-makeup-beauty-subcription-box-2014-2015.jpeg

I hope these posts are helpful!  I’m a deal hunter and I love discovering new brands, so makeup subscription boxes are perfect for me.  Do you love surprises or do you like knowing whats what about everything?  Leave me a comment below, I love hearing from you all!

Thank you for reading!  Please feel free to share on Facebook, you never know who else is a makeup junkie until you share, share, share!  Haha.  Happy Holidays, Beauties…

Go Get Glam!






*Thank you to Boxycharm for sending me these boxes for my review!  As always, products that are sent to me receive an unbiased review.  Interested in sending me a product?  Email me at:

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blushinginhollywood December 17, 2014 - 9:35 pm

$45 for eye primer!?!?

Lisa Burkhart February 18, 2015 - 8:51 pm

When I was 12, without my parents knowing about this, I ordered the Cosmique box! I LOVED getting those 3 boxes before my parents caught on and made me cancel. I got my first box free and didn’t know I had to pay for the other….ahhh, youth! I would love getting these surprises in the mail.


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