10 Unique Gifts That Are ALL THAT (and then some) For Every Budget

by Molly Gardner

Ladies (& Gents), I have your back.  You didn’t think I was gonna leave you out in the cold for the holidays, did you?  I love hunting the Inter Webs for deals and gifts no one has thought of.  Here is my gift guide…I hope these surprise and delight you and the recipient! xo – Molly, Inter Web Hunter Extraordinaire

You can click right on the underlined words, it will open up a new window for you to shop, but also keeps this gift guide page open.

Under $12:

1. Colourpop lippies and lipliners, $5 each!  Full review {here}  These lipsticks have a high end formula at a below drugstore price.  They are honestly one of my all time favorite makeup buys.

2.  The packaging on this Peripera lip gloss, $12, a Korean beauty brand, crushes my heart.  It is so beautiful.  Definitely one you’d want to leave out on your vanity.  Btw, Urban Outfitters carries tons of amazing overseas cosmetic brands, great for gifts no one has seen yet!

3.  This 2015 planner, $7.99 is classy and adorable and the perfect size to carry in your purse.  Sugar Paper for Target is an awesome collab!

4.  Give me Blood Orange everything.  This scent blows my mind.  This is an awesome, paraben free line, with this hand lotion exclusive to Ulta online!  Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange hand cream, 2.25 oz, $9.  I am a hand cream junkie and love getting them at Christmas!  Also, the packaging is super pretty.

5.  These Tag. bracelets have an awesome message and backstory.  Read about it {here}.  I was just a sponsor for their launch event, my friend Nikki is one of the founders.  Such a cool idea!  2 bracelets, $10.

Under $40

6.  Beauty blender sets.  I totally obsessed with these sponges, they make makeup flawless.  This 4 piece set, $39, includes 2 larger and one mini blender (good for contouring and concealer) and a travel size cleanser.  This two piece set, blender and travel size cleanser, $25, is the perfect starter set for someone who hasn’t tried a blender yet.

7.  Fancy hair care.  When people ask what I want for gifts, I always say fancy shampoo and conditioner!  Because I feel bad spending $40 on shampoo for myself but when I get it as a gift I lose my mind!!  And I can make it last for-ev-er.  I just use it every other, or 3rd time I wash my hair and use a less expensive product in between.  It is such an amazing, delightful gift to get.  Fancy all the way!  I love both of these Oribe and Kerastase shampoo and conditioners.

8.  Do you ever have gifts that you buy for someone else and it sort of makes you sweat to give it to them because you want to keep it so badly for yourself that it hurts, just a tiny bit?  That’s how I feel about this Deborah Lippmann set.  It’s an insane deal, $34 for a 5 piece full set!  These nail polishes are just gorgeous.  They apply thin and smooth and never look clumpy or streaky.  The bottles are beautiful as well and would look good on a vanity.  They have such a high-end look for both the actual polish and the bottles.  I still can’t believe the price for the whole set, they are normally $18 each!!

Baller Style Luxe Gifts, $98 and up:

9.  How is this Lorac set not the most talked about beauty gift this year??  It’s $98, and a $298 value!!  It includes BOTH Lorac Pro eyeshadow palettes, which are amazing, amazing, amazing shadows.  I use them daily because it feels like I’m putting butter on my eyes.  This set also has a gel eyeliner, and a matte lipstick, and a perfect rose blush, and one of my all time favorite mascaras.  Holy heck.  Just get this.  Get one for yourself too.  It’s almost a $300 value.  This blows my mind.

10.  These curling irons are the best.  They heat up in 30 seconds and my curls last 4 days with them.  I can’t recommend them highly enough, worth every penny!  Full review coming soon on them.  GHD curling iron,  4 styles available, $245 each.

Bonus gift:  I’m obsessed with DHC cleansing oil, $28 for 6.7 oz.  I think it’s a good gift for any makeup-obsessed friends because it takes everything off.  Every friend of mine who has tried it has become obsessed and recommended it to their friends, so I know it’s not just a “me” thing.  It’s a miracle product.

I hope this helps!  Let me know what you are getting people for gifts, I love hearing people’s purchases, I know, I’m weird.  Tag your Instagram pics #girlgetglamorous and follow me @girlgetglamorous!  Thank you for reading and sharing this post on Facebook and Pinterest!!  I really do see and appreciate you all sharing these posts!

Go Get Glam!


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Nola December 12, 2014 - 6:58 am

Can I just tell you that I love you! Reading your blog is as though you have read my mind for the past 20 years! I too am between a strawberry blond and copper penny and have tried to match every shade of drug store hair dye known to man and it never comes out exact! Once I color my hair, keeping the color from fading is like trying to come up with a solution for the national debt! I have finally just come to realize that I have no other option but to color my hair every 3 weeks. Oh but the battle doesn’t stop there! I have always had gray hair, but it’s never really been too much of an issue and besides, my biggest concern is my fading auburn/strawberry blonde hair until this past year. I will be 39 in a few weeks and now I have to either color my hair the wrong color once per week, or go platinum. I don’t like either choice lol. I am most certainly going to try your advice on the color. Everyone thinks I am so lucky to have my red/auburn/strawberry blonde hair and I laugh and think to myself, “if you had any clue how many years had been taken off of my life trying to find makeup that is the best mat h for my hair and skin tone! ?” -the statistics is worse than smoking cigarettes! You are a true genius and I cannot wait to try all of your suggested makeup shades. I am going to study this blog like a bible, cover to cover! I cannot tell you how very much I appreciate you, your research, and dedication to this blog. You deserve the Redhead Nobel Peace Prize! Signed, Your biggest red/auburn/strawberry head fan, Nola

Girl Get Glamorous December 27, 2014 - 11:16 pm


You just made my day! Thank you!! It is so nice to have you say that and appreciate the love and effort I put into this blog. Thank you!

xo – Molly


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