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/ September 30, 2022

My Updated Temporary Root Touch Up Routine for Instant Grey Hair Coverage

When it comes to covering up grey roots, temporary root touch ups have been heaven sent for me! My routine using these sprays and powders have changed up a bit in the past couple of years. This updated truly covers all my roots, without any grey peeking through.

I love root touch up products because they allow me to go an extra 2-4 weeks in between coloring, which saves my hair from the chemical damage that comes with coloring hair.

Root touch up powders also make my hair line look fuller, another great positive. They also save me a lot of money on coloring supplies.

I spend around $40 a month on all my hair dye supplies (4 tubes) and because of temporary root touch ups, now I only have to color every other month. By the end of the year, the $33 I spent on these root touch up products have saved me $240 in coloring supplies!

My New Root Touch Up Routine

Step 1 | Underside Coverage

I start by parting my hair how I want the part to lay. Then, I go down about a half an inch down from that part line, lift the hair and spray a bit of root touch up spray along that layer.

I set my hair back down and repeat on the other side of my part.

This gives me coverage on the underside pf my part, so that if I run my hands through my hair or the wind blows, I don’t get grey hair peeking through where the hair separates vertically.

Step 2 | Root Coverage

Now, I’ll use my touch up powder and press cover up into the top layer.

Once all my greys are covered, I take the sponge again and without adding any additional product, start to run the sponge from the edge of my grey roots, down into the rest of my hair.

This helps me get a seamless blend from my roots to the rest of my hair.

Step 3 | Sides of Hair

I get a lot of grey at my temples and the sides of my hair, so this is my next section. I use powder only here, as I have no been able to find a way to make the sprays look natural on this section.

I push my hair back with my hand and start to fill in about 3/4 of an inch back from my hairline. Then, without adding any more powder to the sponge, I’ll start to fill in around my hair line.

This reverse “back-to-front” method has really helped me to get the most natural looking coverage around my face.

Step 4 | Setting the Powder

I like to set the powder and keep my flyaways in place with a light swipe of a wax stick. I used to use hair spray, but I have found the wax easier to place exactly where I want it and also to get more flexible hair movement.

I hope this post is helpful on my updated root touch up routine! It’s given me a lot more flexibility and I love the results.

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Root Touch Up Results

I love the natural looking, but full grey coverage! Let me know if this new routine works for you, it’s been such a game changer for me.

You can also scroll below to see the full line of products I use for this routine and in the video. Click directly on the photo inside the circle to shop.

Product Review

  • product link
    four stars
    I love this spray! It really covers greys, stays on for days, and has the lightest texture I've been able to find for a root touch up spray. It's also really affordable.

    Deducting one star only because I'd love a light reddish blonde option and it can be slightly hard to find in stock online and in stores. But other than that it's really a perfect product.


    Root Touch Up Spray

  • product link
    five stasr
    The reddish brown shade of this root touch up powder is a surprisingly great match for my Strawberry Blonde hair. It has natural looking grey coverage and the ingredients are skin-friendly (Mamonde is a Korean skincare company) so I feel comfortable having it on my scalp every day.

    The price is great and the bottom sponge is my favorite way to apply root powder! It's also easy to travel with. I do wish they had a shade for blonde hair, hopefully they'll expand their shade range.


    Pang Pang Hair Powder

  • product link
    five stasr
    I've been using this hair wax for getting fly-a-ways to get hairs to lay down and I love it! It's a bit more flexible than hairspray and I can place it precisely where I need the product.

    This little container has lasted me well over a year!


    Hair Styling Stick



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