Julep Plie Wand | Review

by Molly Gardner

Plie Wand.  You are probably saying to yourself, ” What the what?” right now.  And that would be me when I first saw this thing.


Julep created this “plie” wand that attaches to the cap of their polishes.  You do have to use a Julep polish with it (they make every color under the sun), unless you use the polish brush head (included in the 4 piece kit), that you have to clean out between uses.

I have already lost this head, which is why I can’t have nice things.

You can purchase just the wand itself or the whole Plie Wand Kit which includes three additional heads: a thin head for lines and nail art, a dotted head for nail art dots and circles, and the aforementioned lost polish brush for people who are more responsible than me.  I purchased the full kit to try.


When my friends and I used to do our makeup together before we’d go out (sometimes I miss being 21) my friends would always say, “it just looks like you are doing the tiniest thing with each step of your makeup and then BAM it’s all done and flawless” (their words not mine, I like myself, but a socially acceptable amount.)  And that’s the essence of makeup to me.  Small dabs here and there that add up to a full face of glamour.  I bet you didn’t think you’d be getting a Girl Get Glamorous philosophy lesson today.  But here we are.  Namaste.

The Plie wand is a lovely example of the smallest thing making a big impact.  You remove the square outer top of the Julep lid and just leave the round lid in place.  The wand slides on top of the round lid of your polish color.  In your dominant hand you paint with the wand straight and the long part rests in your hand like a pencil.  On your non-dominant hand, you can swivel the top part of the wand until that part rests comfortably against your hand.  This gives you a steadier hand to paint with on both sides.

julep-plie-wand-review-demo-blog.jpegDominant Hand:


Non-Dominant Hand:julep-plie-wand-review-demo-blog.jpeg

To me, it’s like the difference between writing with a stub of a pencil vs. a full sized pencil.

That’s it.  Way easier to write with a full size pencil than cramp your fingers on a stub, right?

That small difference, a steadier hand, makes for a much neater paint job.  I have way less to clean up around my cuticles after using the wand.  Usually, I have a lot of polish to clean off of my cuticles.

Plie Wand: small thing = big difference.  I think if you are an at home mani queen like me, the Plie Wand will be very useful to you in making your polishing look more professional.



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Go Get Glam!




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