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/ September 8, 2016

Day Of Beauty at Ulta Beauty | Downey | Bonus – 21 Days of Beauty Picks!


I recently got to spend a day at the new Ulta Beauty store in Downey, CA.  They treated me to a “day of beauty,” which was just as delightful as it sounds.

I have been an Ulta Beauty shopper for awhile because…

I love:

1 | their semi-annual 21 Days of Beauty event, which has crazy 1- day only sale prices on a few makeup items.

2| their Platinum Rewards program, because it gives you gift cards to the store as rewards.  I’ve gotten two $120 gift cards and I’m very proud of that, ha!

3| that you can buy drugstore and high-end makeup all in one stop.  I can get my cotton rounds for toner, my beloved Micellar water, and new favorite Tarte mascara all in one trip.  So I’ve been a fan of Ulta Beauty for awhile.

And as many times as I’ve wandered the aisles being a Swatch Queen, I’ve never really dove into what the salon offers.  They have a full service salon for hair, color, blowouts, and a Benefit Brow bar in a lot of locations.

I arrived to the Downey Ulta and my spide-y senses started tingling.  There is just something about a BRAND NEW store.  The aisles were pristine.  The product testers were all lined up, clean as a whistle on the shelves.

I loved that both the salon manager (who gave me a trim and blow out) and the store manager were cool as cucumbers, even after getting up at 5am to prep for the big grand opening.  I seriously can’t believe how sweet and composed they were, with people pulling them in every direction.  I’ve been in similar work situations before and it’s so stressful, but they didn’t show it.

I got my hair washed, trimmed, and blown out, which was desperately needed.  I wanted to check out a few more shampoos as my most favorite for color treated hair just got discontinued.  Instead, I ended up in my makeup trance, wandering around the store for a half hour, touching All The Things.

Finally, I ended up getting some of the Pureology Red shampoo to try and the dpHue Color Gloss, which I bought the wrong shade of (don’t buy the copper, buy the golden blonde if you are my shade of Strawberry Blonde!  My ends turned bright red… live and learn!!)

I took some snaps of it, have a look below if you want to “shop” with me!

I had a great day at the Downey Ulta Beauty.  I feel like they are going to be a busy location, there is a huge mall going up there, filling up quickly.  The parking was super easy, which for a former Upstate NY gal, won my heart.

I have a huge pr box that Ulta sent me that I will do an unboxing of soon on my YouTube.  Subscribe, so you can catch it as soon as it goes up!

My 21 Days of Beauty Picks

(click on the underlined name of the day of to get a direct link to the sale page)

I usually add a quick note with an alarm on the day of an event that I want, so I don’t forget.  If you are a Platinum member, your orders ship free, no minimum!

Sept 10 | Anastasia Brow Powder, 50% off, $11.50, normally $23. These will go fast, so set an alarm.  Going to pick up Caramel and Taupe for myself and Blonde for my pro kit!  I believe items go on sale at 12 midnight PST so get ready and order early!

Sept 17 | Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Blush, 50% off, $13, normally $26.  I want to pick up Score, Indecent, and Bittersweet (an interesting purple blush – want to try something new!)

Sept 20 | Fiona Stiles Sheer Sculpting Palettes, 50% off, $14, normally $28. I JUST started using this palette but am already obsessed.  It perfect for contouring newbies or fair gals who want to contour.  The color never comes out streaky or heavy.  Really beautiful palette!

Sept 23 |  Too Faced La Matte Drenched Lip Color, 50% off, $11, normally $22.  These lipsticks are SO hydrating.  A lot of lip colors can leave your lips drier than before application, but my lips always feel better after wearing these.  The colors are gorgeous and have a ton of pigment!  I want to try Pitch Perfect (a deep berry) and The New Black (an orangey tone), both awesome colors for Fall.  Holy moley, it’s Fall.  2016.  Where did this year go?!

You can check out all the sale items {here}.

Thank you for reading!  The vlog was impromptu and way more casual (shot on snapchat/iphone) than normal, but still wanted to share it.

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  1. Molly you are too funny! I love your blog and videos. I just bought some of your falsies and can’t wait to try them out. What do you think is the best way to get some help coming up with a skincare regimen? I am hopelessly confused on everything, don’t know if my skin is dry or oily, if my eyes are puffy or what! I just know I’m 43 and my skin looks like crap (probably has something to do with too much wine and not enough water but anyhoooo) I feel like if I go to the makeup counter I end up spending $$$ on stuff I don’t need, if I go to Ulta/Sephora, the consultants are super sweet and nice, but well theres always so much younger I don’t think they get the true nature of my struggle. I mean what did I know about crepey eyes and facial hair when I was 22? Any tips on where to start?
    thanks xoxo M