BITE Beauty “Best Bite Set” High Pigment Pencils | Review + Swatches

by Molly Gardner

I just got this lip set from Sephora last week and I am loving it.  I went into the store to see the “Give Me More Lip” set, which I ended up not buying.  I couldn’t justify spending $59 ($209 value) because I had so many of the shades already.  But the BITE lip pencil in the kit stood out for it’s color and texture and I have been wanting to try their products for a while.

Bite Lip Pencil Set

Bite Lip Pencil Set

I found this set on later that night and gave it a try.  It’s $25 ($55 value) which was a lot easier to justify.  The set comes with four smaller size pencils in a tin the size of an Altoid container.  The colors are: Quince (magenta raspberry), Rhubarb (dusty rose), Cranberry (limited edition deep holiday red), and Madiera (nude).  The are supposed to be matte, but I found them to have more of a regular creme finish.  They are matte in the sense that they don’t have any shimmer, but I would not call them a true matte.  Cranberry and Quince look similar in photographs and swatched, but Cranberry is a true red, and quince is much more raspberry in real life.

Bite beauty best bite set



Bite Beauty swatches













1:  This tin idea is brilliant.  One, it keeps the lids from coming off the pencils and having lipstick get over everything in your purse.  Two, you can easily carry all four colors with you, in case you leave the house and decide to switch up your colors later.  I do this pretty much every time i leave the house.  So for me, to have all four colors on board at all times is a very good thing.  The tin also has a mirror inside the lid.  I swear these guys thought of everything.  After this pencils are done, I will be repurposing this tin to put all my Altoids in, that way I have a lipstick mirror on the ready!

Mirror in the lid. So smart!
The tin keeps the lids on and your purse safe!

2:  I love that they put four very different shades in the set. You get a bright red, a bright raspberry, a deep rose, and a light nude shade.  I love that this gives you more bang for your buck.  This variety lets you try a bunch of different looks that you might not have wanted to spend the full price on.  They are normally $24 for a full size pencil.  I definitely wouldn’t have spent $100 to try all these shades at full size, Baby Girl still has car payments!


3:  I sometimes need to be forced to try different colors.  I would not have tried the Quince magenta shade on my own, but I love it.  Sets are good for me because they take me outside my beauty comfort zone.  No beauty ruts here!

My only CON:

This lip pencil “bleeds” a little and comes off very easily.  Meaning, if you even lightly, accidentally touch your lips, you will have a smear.  I wish it would set a bit more to avoid this problem.  Also, I found I had to wear a lip liner with it or else it traveled into my fine lip lines, feathering out, and looked messy.  So it’s higher maintenance that most of my lip colors.  It is not for a night you will be drinking or eating a lot.  I can see that being the night of a million touch ups.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Because this lip pencil is so creamy, it is messier than most lipsticks or pencils.  I found the best way to make this lip pencil last and not smear was to start with a lip liner, then do one coat with the lip pencil, blot, lightly dust with loose powder on a fan brush, then apply one more coat of lip pencil.  For full intensity leave as is.  For a lighter look, blot again.


I felt like the pencils were very moisturizing and very pigmented.  They were so creamy and easy to apply.  I had to wear them with lip pencils though, because I was getting a lot of feathering.  I’m afraid I’m going to go through this set really fast because they are so creamy, I might wear them down fast.  I like that the ingredients are more natural.  But overall, I loved them.  I would definitely repurchase and I think these would make an awesome present for beauty obsessed friends.  Especially a friend who likes bright lipsticks, as two of the shades are very bold.  This left my lips feeling great and made them look fuller.  My obsession with Bite Beauty starts here!

Bite Lip Pencil in Cranberry

Bite Lip Pencil in Cranberry

Stay Glam!

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Gen October 22, 2013 - 7:40 pm

Two questions: 1. do you wear a lip primer underneath your colors, and if not, do you think that would keep it on better? 2. does it have a taste?

I might be buying this soon. I’ve been looking for a good nude, and you know how I love my bright lips lately. 🙂

Reply October 22, 2013 - 7:50 pm

1: I do not wear a lip primer, I have not been able to find one that I like. Any suggestions?

To keep it on longer, I used a lip liner, did one coat, then blotted, dusted lightly with powder, then added another coat. The colors are beautiful but a bit messy, so this helped a little.

2: This does not have a taste or odor.

3. My little brain has started running through peachy nudes that could work for you. I will let you know what I come up with!

Gen October 22, 2013 - 8:00 pm

1. I use the MAC one, and also recently (actually by mistake because I thought it was white eyeliner) got a lip pencil primer from MakeupForever that I like a lot. You are welcome to try both!

2. Yay.

3. Yay again!

trashylittlestarlet October 28, 2013 - 10:31 pm

BITE Beauty’s lip primer is AMAZING! It seriously holds onto color and feels like you’re wearing lip balm.

Reply October 28, 2013 - 10:50 pm

Thank you, I’ll have to try it!

Reply February 2, 2014 - 6:29 am

I have been using the Bite primer and it is incredible! Thank you for the suggestion!!

Ann Chaney February 25, 2014 - 4:40 pm

Don’t forget the other benefit of the tin is its fabulous and large mirror. The kit is complete!


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