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/ January 13, 2014

TOM FORD BEAUTY Lip Color Shine Lipstick in #06 Abandon: Review & Swatches

Remember my first time using Tom Ford lipstick?  I do.

My friend Genevieve surprised me for Christmas (have you noticed a theme here, that all my friends give me the most insanely nice gifts ever!?).  And by surprised I mean I opened the most adorable Ted Baker bow makeup bag, (how did Gen even know that I had been wanting this?  Seriously??)  to find MY VERY OWN TOM FORD LIPSTICK.


I sat, I stared.  I stared more.  I did not allow myself to touch it until I took photos which was a true test of my willpower.  These lipsticks are fancy.  So fancy.   Now, I think I’m a decent friend, but I would never call myself a Tom Ford Lipstick level friend.  I’m messy with my suitcase on vacations and I talk too much at brunch.

I texted Gen right away some thank you jibberish in all caps, probably only further cementing that I didn’t deserve such an amazing gift, but she has The Manners and just said “you are very welcome!”


So here we go ladies and gents…Tom Ford Lip Color Shine in #06 Abandon:

I covered a lot of the review of packaging/texture/longevity before in THIS POST.  But it is definitely worth repeating:

1.  Packaging:  So beautiful to pull out of your purse.  It’s gold and chic and feels so solid in your hand.

2.  Texture:  This is so moisturizing, no need for a separate balm.  It contains soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter, and chamomilla flower oil.  Do I know what any of these things are?  No.  Do I like how they feel on my lips?  Yes.

3.  The “Shine” is obviously more, wait for it…shiny… than the “Matte” lipsticks.  It however, does not read as a pre-teen mall rat glossy-glossy lipgloss look.  It looks chic and adult and gosh darn it, it makes me want to leave the house and say “HELLO, WORLD!”


“Abandon” is a beautiful peach shade.  It looks more orange swatched on my arm, but on my lips it’s the perfect nude-peach shade for me.  If nude lipstick normally makes you look washed out, then Abandon might be the perfect shade for you.  The peach makes your skin glow.



Pretty as a Peach.
Pretty as a Peach.

tom-ford-lip-color-lipstick-abandon-reviews-swatches-06.jpeg  tom-ford-lip-color-lipstick-abandon-reviews-swatches-06.jpeg tom-ford-lip-color-lipstick-abandon-reviews-swatches-06.jpeg tom-ford-lip-color-lipstick-abandon-reviews-swatches-06.jpeg tom-ford-lip-color-lipstick-abandon-reviews-swatches-06.jpeg tom-ford-lip-color-lipstick-abandon-reviews-swatches-06.jpeg tom-ford-lip-color-lipstick-abandon-reviews-swatches-06.jpeg

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Stay Glam!




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  1. Loved the post, very gorgeous colour. I’m glad I picked up an LE from the latest collection & the new collection hits Melbourne on the 28/7 so I might grab a couple of those. Still want my sable though 🙂


    • I think the Sable would be so pretty on you, Tarlie! Used the Tom Ford nail polish this week and might have to pick one up. Another perfect formula from Tom Ford…

  2. I am an unglamorous, plain-jane, newly turned redheaded grandma….and at age 60 am just starting to learn about makeup and realizing that its ok to enjoy looking fine and paying attention to that process (better late than never). So although my comments on this lipstick are probably going to be ignored by anyone who is “into” the glam business….I have GOT to say this: this is a gorgeous color with the perfect amount of gloss for an adult woman! It looks natural but enhanced…taking the best and making it better. Just lovely! So guess what?! I’m going to treat myself to this indulgence….I mean it!!
    Thank you for your help of this adventure! BTW, on Tuesday (tomorrow) I am going back to the wonderful hair salon in Tucson, “the Studio”, and am going to have my first lesson in how to blow dry my own hair! Yep!! At age 60!!! This is a hoot!!! 🙂
    Now if I could only stop biting my fingernails so I could properly show off that sweet Tiffany ring my husband bought me to celebrate our 23rd anniversary!! Oh, my!!! 🙂