TOM FORD BEAUTY Lipstick Review + Swatch | #14 Sable Smoke

by Molly Gardner

Ok.  Tom Ford lipstick.  I’ve seen it in magazines, beauty editors rave about this stuff and you know they get to try eeeverything. This lipstick is supposed to be A.  Very.  Big.  Deal.

BUT the price tag is insane.  $50+ for a lipstick.  That is Yikes.  So when my fancy and lovely friend Genevieve got one as a present I made her bring it to our girl’s weekend trip so I could look at it (Oh, yes.  I am that crazy.  You didn’t know?)

Packaging + Design:

The packaging is beautiful.  The case is black and shiny with gold trim.  It’s heavy and luxe and everything you’d want it to be.

The lipstick itself has the beautiful “TF” printed on the top part of the lipstick.  A really pretty and thoughtful touch.  I love when brands add a something to make their lipstick stand out.

Genevieve then said to me “You can try it.”  My brain couldn’t process this, so I just stood silently, mouth breathing, staring at her.  When I realized I could really try on her brand new, fancyfancy lipstick, I thought “1.  Genevieve is a very nice friend.  and 2.  Yes, yes I will.”

m Ford Sable Smoke Lipstick

The lipstick looks much darker here than it actually is. It's a true light nude.

The lipstick looks much darker here than it actually is. It’s a true light nude.


The lipstick is creamy.  Like a chapstick, it’s that creamy.  It feels wonderful and light on your lips.


The color is exactly the same on your lips as in the tube.  It is so pigmented.  Two light swipes on each lip and my lips were fully saturated with color.  I love not having to pile layers on to get the color payoff you want.


The lipstick lasted several hours through drinking and a hot tub (we were on vacation, so go easy on me 😉 )  I did not eat while I had the lipstick on.

Sable Smoke:

The shade I tried was called “Sable Smoke” and was a beautiful nude shade.  I wasn’t wearing any other makeup, and it didn’t seem to wash me out, which surprised me.  This color was a stunning nude.

Tom Ford Sable Smoke Lipstick m Ford Sable Smoke Lipstick

Bottom Line:

If budget is not a concern for you, then please get this lipstick in every shade.  It’s stunning on and so pigmented.  The packaging is gorgeous.  This lipstick is a WIN.

Available at: Sephora | Nordstrom | Beautylish

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