Vlog Numero 2: Wayne Goss Brush Launch

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I usually work weekends, so anytime I get to see friends on a weekend day I feel like I’ve won the lottery.  Sunday was one of those days.  One of my all time best friends and I stretched our lunch out to two hours, then walked along the beach to the launch of the new Wayne Goss brush set at the Loews hotel, then were off to catch up with our friends that were watching football.  It was such a fun day.  It felt like being on vacation, except I got to sleep in my own bed that night.  Heaven.  A two hour lunch is something I think every human needs to do at least once.

Here is a snippet from our day, the brush launch was great.  I’d been stalking and watching every video I could on the Wayne Goss brushes, so getting to feel them in real life was amazing.  Imagine getting to meet your favorite celebrity.  This was more exciting than that.  To me.  Ha.

The new 8 piece brush set has a #01 brush that is four times the size of the original.  It’s limited edition, so the larger brush will only be in this set.  The set is $225, which comes to about $28 per brush.  It would be a great set to get if you were just starting to use makeup or were wanting to invest in high quality brushes.  The full set is a bit out of my budget, but I was SO impressed with the brushes, so I’m going to pick up a few of the individual brushes as my budget allows.


The brushes are all hand made in Japan, by over 20 highly trained brush artisans.  They look, feel, and perform like the high end brushes that they are.  They are the Bugatti of brushes.  One thing that I especially liked about them was that the eye brushes were versatile enough sizes that they could be used for blushes, highlighting, contouring, and powdering.

The #01 brush is a mix of goat hair and the longer fibers were synthetic.  All the other brushes were blue squirrel.  Natural bristles are amazing to use with powder products.  They pick up a ton of pigment with the lightest touch and blend it really nicely.  Synthetic bristles are great to use with cream products.  Which is why these eye shadow brushes are really incredible.  They’ll pick up and blend powder eye shadows like a dream.

The individual brushes I am the most interested in picking up are:

#18, small shadow brush, $26.  This brush can be used flat to apply all over shadow, then flipped on it’s side to use as a crease brush.  The pointed edge of the tip can also be used to apply color under the eye.

#15, fan brush, $25.  I’ve been using a fan brush to apply my contouring and highlighting powders lately, and this one seems like it would blend out the powders so well.

#02, domed small powder brush, $35.  This is a brush in the limited edition set that can also be purchased individually.  It would be amazing for applying powder, bronzer, or blush.  Another very versatile brush.

#19, fluffy crease brush, $27.  This brush is lovely for applying crease shades and for blending out your overall eye look.  It’s slightly smaller than the #03 brush from the set, which is a dupe for the MAC #217 blending brush.

I want a zillion more from Wayne Goss, but these brushes are on my short list to add to my personal and professional makeup kit.

I also got a look at the brow set.  The #21 had very soft bristles and was larger than I expected.  I think if you wanted to stick with one set, you could use the #08 from the new limited edition set for brows also.  It’s smaller and would be give good precision.


Here is a video from our day, Meryl was a champ to go to a beauty event with me!  Oh and I met the lovely Sophia, a.k.a. @trendmood1 who I just found last week on Instagram and already love.  She’s a sweetie pie and in the pic with me on the right below.  It was so fun to talk makeup with her and the other amazing bloggers I met, Blushed and Bronzed and Tiffany Lee of Beauty Style List and a ton of great makeup artists who were there.



Here is {my dress} from the day that I am crazy in love with.  It was so comfortable and cute!!

modcloth-retro-vontage-pin-up-traveling-cipcake-aqua-gingham-dress-blog-blogger-los-angeles.jpeg modcloth-retro-vontage-pin-up-traveling-cipcake-aqua-gingham-dress-blog-blogger-los-angeles.jpeg


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