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/ October 6, 2016

TARTE | Limited Edition Holiday Brush Set


Every year, Tarte Cosmetics comes out with a limited edition holiday brush set that blow my mind!

The brushes are the same, buttery soft, high quality bristles as their normal brushes.  They are priced the same, $44, for an entire brush set as the cost of one normal brush.  AND they always have some great bag that comes with.

I’m a big fan of these sets every year and they sell out fast.  So fast.  They are usually the first holiday item to be sold out and when they are gone, they are gone.

The last holiday set I purchased, from two years ago, is one of my all-time-favorite and most useful beauty buys.  I regularly use the bag for travel, and the blush, double sided eyeshadow brush, and face blending brush.  The bag has both a side to hold makeup and a side that holds brushes.

I was very excited when this year’s brush set came out and it’s SO much like my favorite set!  BUT MAYBE EVEN BETTER.

This year’s set comes with a Z Palette-like side, that is magnetized so you can pop in your favorite makeup containers for streamlined traveling!  And the other side of the case has a silky pouch that can hold brushes, lashes, even a small set of earrings or jewelry.  This might be the most perfect travel case I have ever seen.

BUT WAIT, there’s more.  (I swear I should be on QVC.  I get so pumped for beauty deals.)

This year’s set not only contains five full sized brushes, but four out of the five brushes are double sided, so you are essentially getting nine brushes!  Nine brushes and a magnetic travel case for $44.  That’s $4.44 per piece.  No wonder this set sells out at lightening speed.  It’s currently the #1 best selling item on  The suggested retail if you bought each item separately is $164.

The brushes are synthetic, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly.


tarte holiday brush set vegan brushes

tarte holiday brush set vegan brushes

  • photos courtesy of tarte, edit by girlgetglamorous


Here is a picture of my beloved set from two years ago!  Still looking amazing.  These brushes hold up.  Great quality.  And that bag has seen some adventures with me.

tarte holiday brush set vegan brushes


Shop the holiday set on | Tarte Cosmetics | Sephora

Thank you for reading!  I hope you find these deal posts helpful!  Have you ever tried Tarte Cosmetics brushes before?

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    • Oh, that’s awesome! I really love Tarte brushes, can’t wait to hear what you think about this set!! And thank you about the blog, that’s really nice of you to say.

      xo Molly