How to Tease Your Hair, You Big Tease.

To Tease, or not to Tease?  That’s obviously a hilarious joke, because TEASE.  TEASE.  TEASE.  Teasing your hair, even just a little bit (more on that later) gives it the perfect about of volume.  Every time I finish getting ready and something seems off, I realize I haven’t teased my hair.


Video tutorial at the bottom.  I suggest reading first, then watching.  The video is under 3.5 minutes long, you’re welcome.

What you need:

– Hairpray.  I like L’Oreal Elnett.  It brushes out nicely and doesn’t make your hair crunchy.

– A teasing comb.  Sectioning tail on one side, to help part the hair, teasing teeth on the other side, to help tease, DUH.  🙂

How to tease:

1.  Start by dividing your hair into a “T” shape, with the tail side of the comb.  A vertical line down the middle, or wherever you part your hair, and then a horizontal line at the back, or “crown” of your head.

2.  Using the tail again, section a 1/4 inch row of hair at the crown and pull it forward.  This the the hair you are going to use to cover the teasing.

3.  Then section off a square of hair at the crown.  Pull it upwards.


4.  Lightly spray that section with hairspray at the roots.  You can always add more hairspray later.


5.  With the teasing side of the comb, gently push your comb into the hair, then down to create the tease.  Repeat several times on all four sides of the sectioned off crown hair to create a full tease that will last.

6.  Pull the teased section down.  Comb the hair you moved aside in step #2 over the teasing, to cover the teased section.

7.  Hairspray that hair so that it will stay in place to cover the teasing.


8.  If you want a bit more volume, take the tail side of the comb, and use it to pull the teased section forward.  Put the tail in horizontal to the teasing, close to your scalp.  Literally, just move the tail forward and this will fluff up the teasing.  I do not understand how, but it works.  It is magic.

9.  Stop and stare at the powers of Teasing.  Unicorn, birthday magic, and “pumpkin spice everything” all rolled into one.  Teasing is all we need.


10.  I usually like to comb the smoothed hair one more time, so it doesn’t too “hairsprayed.”  Then I run a drop of oil through the ends, and with whatever is left in the palm of my hands go over the rest of my hair.

Here is the VIDEO.  Thank you for watching!!

Click on me->  How to Tease Your Hair 

Thank you for reading!  Please leave in the comments below if this worked for you or if any step needs more explanation!

Teased hair, no extensions.

Teased hair, no extensions.


Teased with extensions added (2 pieces, 15″ long by 5″ wide, to add volume).

And one of my favorite teases:  the Teased Ponytail:



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