Bachelor In Paradise: “After Paradise” with Jade & Carly // Part 1


PARADISE, Paradise, paradise…

I don’t know how on earth the producers found the most perfect theme song ever for Bachelor In Paradise, but they did.  I sing it 15 times a day and I am not joking.  It is the catchiest song ever.

The Bachelor franchise quickly became my MUST WATCH television.  I started watching when my friend Jade was on Chris’s season and have not stopped.  I laugh, I cry, it reminds me of falling in love and out of love.  I am a fan.


I had done Jade’s makeup before for a Friendship Friday post when she was first developing her lip glosses, Naturally Jade Cosmetics.  I was so happy to do her makeup again for the After Paradise finale show.  Carly was coming with her so it was going to be a day of double glam!

Side note:  How sweet and adorable is their friendship!?  I love that they became friends on The Bachelor and have only grown closer.

Both beauties wore hair extensions from my line, girlgetglamorousHAIR, that is coming out next month, October 2015.  I’m going to do a whole other post on that, with way/way/way more details.  But I was so excited they got to wear the extensions yesterday so that people can see how they move and look in real life (via a TV screen, ha!).  I, of course, couldn’t shut my pie hole yesterday, so I ended up telling the sweetest two gals that I sat next to at the After Paradise taping that I did Jade and Carly’s makeup and that they were wearing my extensions.  Both gals said they looked so natural that they couldn’t tell Jade and Carly were wearing extensions.  Which was a HUGE compliment to me and something I worked hard on.  But more on that later.  I digress.

On to the makeup breakdown!

Carly’s Makeup:

Skin/Eyes – Our look was a smokey eye and natural colored lip.  Carly and I both came in wanting to do a smokey eye on her.  I love those moments when I have the same vision as a client, it’s nice to start off on the same track!  Nude lipstick can look funny on camera, like you have no lips, so we went for natural shades instead.  Carly already has long lashes, but I added a set of false lashes just so she’d really pop on camera.  I wanted her skin to look super bright and even, so the focus would shift to her gorgeous blue eyes.  I used a cream foundation over a mix of two primers, more on that in a bit.  Really bright, even looking skin shifts the focus to your eyes.

Brows – For Carly’s brows, I used a combo of three different texture products to get a natural look.  It took me a bit to get them filled in so we were both loving it, but in the end I think we were both happy and they looked great.  Carly has hyperthroidism and as a result, her brows thinned out.

I used a pencil on the edges where we wanted to create a brow.  Pencils show up stronger on camera and powders and gels show up lighter.  So I used a pencil on the edges to create “hairs” by drawing short strokes with a sharp pencil.  Then I filled in the natural hair on her brows with a powder so they would look even with the penciled in “brows” on camera.  I set it all with a brow gel, which gives brows the natural shimmer that powder can take away.  I also applied a thin line of highlighter above and below the arch of each brow and blended it in really well to help define the arch.

I’ve used this technique before for clients who wanted stronger brows on camera and always gotten natural looking results.  I used Taupe pencil and powder, to lighten Carly’s brows a bit so they would coordinate with her gorgeous blonde hair.  For gel, I used a light brown shade.  It’s best to try and keep your brows only maximum about two shades darker than your hair, for the most natural look.

Hair – For her hair, I only added two tracks from her 160 gram girlgetglamorousHAIR set.  They gave tons of fullness, but still looked very natural.  She just chopped her hair into the cutest lob, so I trimmed those two pieces a little bit so they’d be the right length to match her hair and I moved them up a bit higher than I would normally put extensions in.  But that way if she ever wants to wear her hair long, she can move those pieces down and add the other pieces that I didn’t trim to get long, full hair.

I used my GHD curling irons, in 1″ and 1.25″ size to give her curls a natural looking variety.  I started from the top to smooth out her hair and pulled the last inch down to straighten them a bit.  This video might help show the technique I used on the ends better.  I curled all the pieces around her face away from her face and on the back I curled some pieces towards her face and some away to give a naturally curly, tousled look. We didn’t shake the curls up until right before we left for the show, so they’d hold better.

To finish her hair, I sprayed a *generous* amount of texture spray in horizontal layers throughout her hair, but especially on the hair above her extensions, to give them extra volume to hide the weft pieces.  Texture spray looks amazing, but feels like…texture.  It’s great for on camera, but do not try to get your beautiful little hands through it.  You probably don’t want to use a ton of it for everyday styling.  It’s like a very light hairspray.  In fact, I didn’t even use hair spray, the texture spray gave enough hold.  I smoothed out her ends with a drop of agave oil for smoothness and shine and this beauty was ready for camera!

There is a full list of the exact products I used below her pictures, with clickable links, no google search required.  Because I love you.

The finished look...

The finished look…


Love her smile!

Love her smile!

How cute do Carly and Pippa the dog look in this pic!?

How cute do Carly and Pippa the dog look in this pic!?

Lounging pre-dress.

Lounging pre-dress.

One more pic, just because she’s so pretty!!


Products used:


Moisturizer: Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

Blender: Beautyblender

Primer:  Laura Mercier Hydrating primer (forehead, center, sides of face) Laura Mercier Radiance primer (on cheekbones)

Foundation: RCMA foundation in KO-1 and KO-3 mixed.  This is a heavier cream foundation that was created to be worn on camera and does look stunning on camera and with flash photography.  Applied with my fingers to melt in into the skin better, then blended with a beauty blender so it looked more natural.

Bronzer:  Cream bronzer from Chanel.  Applied and buffed with large rounded top Kabuki brush.

Concealer:  Amazing Cosmetics concealer in Fair Golden and Light Golden, mixed.  Technique used in this {post}.

Contour:  Becca Cosmetics Lowlight, applied with a Makeup Geek tapered brush, blended with beauty blender.  Set with two lightest shades from It Cosmetics contouring palette, applied with B Dellium fan brush.  *I always set cream products with a coordinating powder, it helps the product stay on, but still look natural.

Highlight:  Benefit Cosmetics liquid HighBeam.  Set with Becca Cosmetics Opal Shimmering powder.

Blush:  cream blush from Makeup Forever in shade #220, applied with B Dellium stipple brush.  Set with Too Faced Sweethearts Blush in Peach Beach, applied with the e.l.f. large stipple brush.

Brows:  Pencil NYX Liner in Taupe.  I also love the original Anastasia Beverly Hills pencils and will be stocking my kit with them in a range of shades.  Filled in with Taupe powder.  Gel was Anastasia in Brunette.  Brush for powder was double sided angled/spoolie brush.  Highlight for arch was Stila Kitten.

Eyes:  Prepped with Lorac Behind the Scenes eye primer.  Stila “Bone” all over lid, Stila “Bliss” in crease, Lorac 2 “Cool Grey in outer corner, worked into crease, Lorac 2 “Black” worked into outer corner.  Under eye, MAC “Tempting” blended out with Stila “Bliss“.  Eyes lined with Stila Stay all day Liner on top, bottom inner rim L’Oreal Silkissime in Black.  Liner set with a combo of Lorac 2 “Cool Gray” and “Black”.  Combined on the back of my hand first, then applied.  Inner corner of eyes is Stila “Kitten.”  Lorac 1 “Light Bronze” in center of upper eye lid, to make them sparkle.

Lashes:  Red Cherry #213, mascara is L’oreal Voluminous waterproof mascara in Blackest Black.

Face powder: Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder.

Lips:  lined with NYX Pencil in Natural, Lipstick was a combo of e.l.f. matte pencil in Natural, L’oreal Jennifer’s Nude (combined on back of hand) and a tiny dab of Maybelline Blushing Beige on center of lips.  Lipgloss was Covergirl Amazemint in blue (makes your teeth look whiter on camera) applied only a small dab on center of lips.

Setting spray: Skindinavia Oil Control setting spray.


Heat Protect: Prepped natural hair and extensions with ghd Heat Protect spray.

Extensions: girlgetglamorousHAIR 160 grams 16″ set (trimmed).  Shade 613, Lightest Blonde.

Curling Irons:  ghd Curve 1″ and 1.25″ irons.

Texture Spray:  Not Your Mother’s Texture Spray.

Finish:  Agave Oil.


That is the full rundown of every product that touched Carly’s gorgeous face and hair.  Look out for Jade’s product breakdown in the Part 2 post, coming soon!

You can download Carly’s new song for free here:

Carly’s dress is from NastyGal and you can find the same shade dress here and the criss cross top on this jumpsuit.  I also love that blue color in this gorgeous lace ($23!) dress.

Thank you for reading!  I hope this was helpful, I always love when artists share their makeup details.  It’s so interesting to me why they choose one of the other, so I hope this was interesting to you as well.  Please feel free to use the buttons below to share on your Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest.  You can hover your clicker over a photo and the “Pin It” button for Pinterest will appear.  You can find me on Facebook // Youtube // Pinterest // and Instagram, xo!







*All photos are property of girlgetglamorous.  Press, please contact for permission to use.  Thank you!




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  • Lisa Okesson Dong
    September 9, 2015

    LOVE the show. LOVE Carly and Jade. You made them look even more gorgeous!

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