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My Latest Obsession | Press On Nails (please read this anyways)

For my birthday this year, the theme of my party was “Party Like it’s 1999.”  I asked everyone to dress like they were going to a frat party in the late 90’s.  I even picked up a box of medium length, square shaped, white tipped sparkle press-on nails to complete my look.

I used to love getting a full set of acrylic nails back in the day.  (Like 4 years ago)  But being marginally employed, I hated when it was time for a fill.

So, it was back to the occasional mani-pedi for me, with me doing my own nails most of the time.  Now, I have many gifts, but the gift of time management is not one of them.  By the time I’m finished doing my hair and makeup to go out  (again, being honest, most of my makeup is applied while stopped at red lights) I never have time to paint my nails.  Most of the time I’m walking around with full scraggle nails or a really chipped manicure.

Enter that well-fated last minute trip to CVS.  On a whim, I decided that sparkle acrylics would be the crowning touch to my 90’s outfit.  As I was grabbing a boxed, I noticed that Nailene has come out with an adhesive tab that replaces traditional glue.


The tabs go on top of your natural nail, then you place the acrylic nail on top.  In five days, you slide the press on nail off and roll off any remaining adhesive.  Your natural nails aren’t damaged at all.  The box of adhesive tabs costs around $3 and comes with enough tabs and sizes for 2 separate full applications.  Most boxes of nails cost about $5-$10, and CVS always has them on sale.  I always buy two boxes at a time.  A gal has got to have her press ons at the ready.

The best part is that the whole application process takes about five minutes.  For someone as time-challenged as me, this makes all the difference.

If you aren’t a fan of the white tip, a few companies are making solid colored nails, or nails that come plain that you paint yourself.

Also, Nailene just came out with oval, or “Stiletto” shaped press ons.  I love the oval shape, its super flattering.  The white tip can sometimes be a bit much for me, so I think I might paint my next pair either a deep pink or bright red.  MAC also just came out with a pointed extreme stiletto nail in their Ruffian collection.  They are a gorgeous shade of red, my only issue with them is that they have a black and white crescent and tip.  Not my favorite.  I’d dare to call them tacky, but I can’t in good conscious say that, knowing that I left those sparkle acrylics on for the full five days.  MAC’s press ons come with the adhesive tabs pre-attached on the back.  Adhesive tabs are the wave of the future.  You heard it here first.

Ulta also has a great selection of press ons.  I bought silver nails that look like metal, a take on Beyonce’s manicure when she did that look.  I know too much about too little.

How to apply Press On Nails:

1.  Lay out your tabs and nails.  Have the nails pre-painted if you want them a  solid color.  Take a deep breath and feel the joy, because you are about to get glamourous.

2.  Before applying the adhesive tabs, go through the different sizes of nails and “try them on” on your own nails.  Most boxes come with at least 12 sizes.  Once you have the right fit for each nail, lay them out in order.

 3.  Starting with your pinky finger and saving the thumbs of both hands for last, lay the glue tab completely flat on your nail, peel the plastic backing off of it, then press the nail on top.  Once the nail is properly placed, firmly press down to set it.

 4.  File the tops of the nail so there are no ridges.  You are done!  Your nails should be set for a full five days.

Do you feel pretty yet, you glamour baby?

THOUGHTS?  What do you guys think?  Stiletto or square tips?  Think I’m insane?  (You’re in good company.) Any good new brands I should know about?  Thanks for reading, Girl, Get Glamourous!!!  Follow me and Party Like It’s 1999!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.