Milani Rose Powder Blushes – They’re Back!

by Molly Gardner

Every once in a while a company will come out with a limited edition product that I wish they’d make permanent.  Along with half of the Internet.  Hello, L’Oreal Collection Privee Lipstick in Jennifer’s Nude.

These Milani Rose blushes reached that rare limited edition fever that had them going on ebay for twice the price.  Instagram went nuts.  They blushes are absolutely gorgeous to look at, are highly pigmented, and retail for around $8.  Internet Fever.

I purchased all four of the shades off of the website and three of them just came back on.  I’m not sure if they are permanent or not so I’d say hustle if you’re thinking of getting them.

The shades are:

Flora Passion: Coral Pink

Warm Petals: Shimmering Bronze

Bella Rosa: True Pink

Romantic Rose: Rose (not currently available online)

They are .6 oz each, which is huge for a blush.  Most blushes are around .3 oz and Milani’s best selling baked blushes are .12 oz.  So these will definitely last you awhile.

These were my first Milani blushes and I am super impressed with them.  The pigment is very rich, I had to learn to use less product.  The pigment really wowed me.  These have the color pay off and intensity of more expensive blushes.  The shades are all really pretty as well.

Flora Passion adds a nice glow and Warm Petals shade warms up the edge of my face nicely.  I wear Flora Passion the most, I think it’s a really flattering shade for strawberry blonde hair.  I also use Warm Petals as a bronzer on my face, neck, and collarbones.  Bella Rosa is a gorgeous true pink, just not right for me as a redhead.  Romantic Rose is a stunning color that makes me feel like I should be on the cover of a romance novel, perched on a rock, with a flush on my cheeks and my hair extensions waving behind me in the breeze.

The only downside is that the rose pattern makes it so my brush picks up an uneven amount of pigment.  I’ve found that tapping my brush around instead of swirling fixes this.  Problem solved.

THE SWATCHES:  Welcome to Club Swatch Party!milani-cosmetics-rose-powder-blush-blushes-flora-passion-warm-petals-bella-rosa-romantic-rose-review-swatches-swatch-buy-online.jpeg milani-cosmetics-rose-powder-blush-blushes-flora-passion-warm-petals-bella-rosa-romantic-rose-review-swatches-swatch-buy-online.jpeg milani-cosmetics-rose-powder-blush-blushes-flora-passion-warm-petals-bella-rosa-romantic-rose-review-swatches-swatch-buy-online.jpeg

Flora Passion.

Flora Passion.

Flora Passion with Warm Petals used as a bronzer.

Flora Passion with Warm Petals used as a bronzer.

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Shawn August 26, 2014 - 6:07 pm

Not to sound dumb, but where exactly do you apply it on collar bones?

Abigail January 2, 2015 - 4:27 am

This is my first time visiting your blog and I just wanted to tell you you’re gorgeous!!

Girl Get Glamorous January 7, 2015 - 7:53 pm

Thank you, you are so sweet!!


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