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/ May 3, 2016

Boxycharm March + April Unboxing | Haul

MAKEUP Maaaaaaail.

a.k.a. best time of the day/week/month.  Whenever there is makeup in my mailbox, I am a happy gal.

In the last Boxycharm unboxing, I mentioned that they were two of my favorites yet.  But then March and april April came along and, yowzas, there are just so many good products.

Quick refresher/if you are new to the blog (and welcome if you are!) Boxycharm is a makeup subscription box that retails for $21 a month, including shipping and contains 4-6 deluxe or full sized products.  They are usually full size.

March “Sweet Treats” Box:  This one had more variety than most months, so my box might be a bit different than others.

  1.  Clark’s Botanical Anti-Puff Eye Cream, retail $87.  Jackpot.  I looked this up and couldn’t believe the price.  It’s all natural too.  I feel really lucky to have gotten this one!  A $90 eye cream is not in my normal budg, a.k.a budget.
  2. Vasanti Blush Brush, $29.  I got one of these before and I was excited to see it again.  I can never have enough brushes, I use clean ones to buff all my products into my skin after applying.  This one is very soft.  Great for cheeks!
  3. Makeup Geek eye shadow in Cocoa Bear, $6.  I’d been wanting to try this shade forever and it did not disappoint!  Beautiful medium warm brown shade.
  4. Makeup Geek Duochrome eyeshadow in Blacklight, $6.  This is what I love about beauty boxes:  I would never have purchased this shade on my own and I absolutely love it.  It was featured in my last tutorial, that’s how much I love it.  If it weren’t for this makeup box, I never would have tried it.  Makeup boxes for the win.
  5. Catherine Malandrino perfume, deluxe sample.  At first, I was not a huge fan of this scent.  Then I started using it as my room scent (I’m oddly obsessed with spraying down all the curtains in my bedroom and my bathroom shower curtain, no clue why, I’m a weirdo).  So once I started using it as a room scent, I got hooked!  I just finished the sample and got sad and had to go back to regular old Febreezing my curtains like a lame weirdo.
  6. Chella eye brow pencil in Tantalizing Taupe, $18.  Wakka Flakka, I love this pencil.  My brows looked amazing and that stuff lasted all day, no smudges, no smears, no fake looking brows.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brow pencil. Insanely amazing formula.

So…pretty amazing box, I loved every single product in it.  My curtains miss ya, Catherine Malandrino perfume sample.

April “Cloudy With A Chance of Charms” Box:

  1. Purlisse Lip Comfort lip balm, $16.  I have yet to try this, so the jury is still out.  Sidenote: where did April go?  Fastest month ever.
  2. Blinc Cosmetics Lash Primer, $26.  Another product I have yet to try.  WHERE DID YOU GO, APRIL, WHERE!?
  3. Anderson Lilley “Manhattan Beach” Butter Cream hand cream, $24.  Tried this!  Loved it.  So thick but didn’t feel sticky and sank it right away.  And the smell was really fresh and lovely.
  4. Your Minerals Mineral Eyeshadow in “Brown Hypnotic,” $21.  This is a really gorgeous brown/taupe shade.  I mixed it with a drop of Inglot Duraline just to see what would happen, because I’m that kind of a crazy gal.  A wild one!  A curtain perfume spraying nut.  And guess what, the duraline make the metallic-ness of this shadow POP.  It was honestly hard to take my eyes off of.  All the shiny things.  You could probably also dampen a synthetic eyeshadow brush and dip it into the shadow for a similar ultra intense effect.  Check out the little clip below, the shiny swatch in the middle is the one with the Duraline mixed in.
  5. Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Pasadena, $19.  Another win!  This shade is just like my natural lips, so it really enhances them nicely.  The formula is comfortable to wear and doesn’t get that tacky feel that some long wearing lipsticks can have.

MAKEUP // MAKEUP // MAKEUP.  That’s how I feel when my mailman drops off the goods!


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Thank you for reading!  What’s your favorite type of package to get in the mail: clothing/makeup/or something else?





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